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Such sad news

First picture of Duncan (OHS 2008)

I have such sad news to share with you.

Duncan Donut, the Glorious Dogcat, the big old Puddin’head, the best cat ever…Duncan died on Thursday afternoon. I know some of you were very fond of Duncan, and I’m so sorry.

He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a couple of […]

Duncan meets his match

We have a bird perch in the shower – Simon showers with me, Kazoo showers with GC, and Oboe is versatile. Anyway, yesterday, after Simon and I finished our shower, we saw that Duncan was crouched in the doorway looking profoundly disturbed.

A few weeks ago, a hinge for one of the mirrored panels on the […]

The birds and the birds and the bees

This is what I see: Simon is on the floor of his house. He’s holding a baby toy in one foot and chewing on it. Oboe is on his rope perch, preening his feathers. Kazoo is sleeping in her house, a hanging baby toy draped over her back. Duncan is sleeping on the back of […]

Vote for Duncan!

We accompanied Duncan to his Christmas photo shoot with the lovely and talented Jamie Wolfe Phillips from Digital Impressions. It was a fundraiser hosted by Duncan’s vet clinic – the Merivale Cat Hospital – in support of the Cat Rescue Network.

Now we have to choose our favourite photo from among these four and we […]

Duncan's twice-yearly annual checkup

There has been a cluster of cat deaths among my friends lately. Several good friends have lost beloved cats, and they’re grieving. It doesn’t seem to matter if the cat was old or sick or the writing was on the wall…grief is grief. It’s hard and it hurts and my heart goes out to them.

Meanwhile, […]

A long hard week with a happy ending

Thursday was one of those days. I’m still figuring out the buses on my commute to and from work, and I somehow got myself turned around at the Billings Bridge Transitway and ended up taking the 148 in the wrong direction. And then, when I got to work, I realized I’d forgotten my security pass […]

Duncan's business trip

I think Oboe has turned the corner! He seems a little brighter and livelier today, and he ate a little breakfast on his own. He’s still spending all his time sleeping in his cave, and he’s still breathing hard and can’t fly, but I sense that he’s stronger and happier today. I’m feeling guardedly optimistic. […]

Oboe's in the hospital

Oboe’s luck ran out tonight. Duncan finally caught him. We took him to the vet and they admitted him. He needs pain meds, antibiotics, tube feeding, x-rays, and I forget what else. He might have a broken wing. He’s got rattling sounds in his airways. His breathing is rapid. He’s in pain.

I always knew Duncan […]

Everybody wants a piece of Oboe

Duncan tested negative for hyperthyroidism, so now we’re treating him for irritable bowel syndrome. If he responds well to the treatment, then that’s probably what he’s got. If not, we’ll be looking at lymphoma, which is a kind of cancer. (It killed my last cat, Flea, but he was 19 years old. Duncan’s only 11.)

I’m […]

Ravenous cat refuses to cooperate

Good old Duncan. He likes going to the vet because they have good treats, but he doesn’t relinquish his blood or urine without a fight. The vet actually had to anaesthetize him yesterday, just to get some samples.

We were there for two hours. It was one of those crazy days at the vet’s, with […]