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I got a job!

I had the interview on Friday afternoon, and then on Saturday, when I was at Duncan’s vet’s office, I got the call offering me the job. I announced to a waiting room full of strangers “I got the job!” and they all cheered.

It’s not just any job, either – it’s a good job! It’s with […]

I got laid off again

I got laid off last week; today’s my first day of unemployment. There were three weeks remaining on my three-month contract, but we started running out of international tax returns a couple of weeks ago. One day the work cart was empty. They sent us all home without pay for a day, and warned us […]

New Job

The place I’ve been working since September – Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation – is great. It’s a private non-profit housing organization, and I was a tenant of theirs for years.  I’ve always liked the organization, and I couldn’t ask for better colleagues. But, it was always intended to be a temporary job, and it’s coming […]

I got a job!

I got a job! I start on Monday! I’ll be working four days a week for a non-profit housing organization I already know and like, with people I already know and like. It’s just for a few months, but it’s great for now. I’m excited, though a bit apprehensive because it’s been so long since […]

Mostly good news

The morning after I wrote that last post about all the things my birds have destroyed, I was sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap, and Simon was standing behind it playing peekaboo with me. He’d poke his head over the top and I’d say peekaboo and he’d look all pleased with […]

Cowboys and Dogcats

The awesomeness of The Baseline Cowboys, who I blogged about in their early days, is spreading far and wide!

Tomorrow is GC and my GC’s and mine GC’s and my’s our third anniversary. We’re going to celebrate by cruising past the Baseline Cowboys (1605 Baseline Road) on our way out to dinner. Maybe […]

Favourite weekend of the whole year

Tomorrow’s the GREAT GLEBE GARAGE SALE! Woohoo. The rain will put a damper on things, but I’ll still be there.

It’s also Ottawa Race Weekend. The route has changed, taking it through more populated and livelier neighbourhoods, so there oughta be a lot more spectators, despite the rain. Good luck to all of you who are […]

Spam and raptors

My blogging software automatically detects spam comments and keeps them in a separate file for me, so I can go through them later and verify that they are indeed spam.

The vast majority really are spam. They have nothing to do with the content of the blog posts, and their sole purpose is to try […]

Nobody ever says no anymore

Twenty years ago – the last time I was looking for a job – I read somewhere that every job hunt looks something like this:

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no yes.

Times have changed. Nobody ever says no anymore. Now they just ignore you.

I spend at […]

Feeling sorry for myself

Yesterday I was sick. It hit me very suddenly at 10:30 in the morning. I spent the day in my pajamas on the couch, trying not to throw up. I feel marginally better today.

In the afternoon I got an email from that job I’ve been after – the one where I’ve been taking all those […]