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The edible helium balloon!

I don’t have an actual bucket list, but if I did, inhaling helium would have been on it. I finally got my chance to do it a couple of weeks ago, in the most unlikely of places. An edible helium balloon was served as a dessert course in a fancy restaurant!

I took GC to […]

Favourite Field Trip

Last weekend we drove out to Smith Falls to visit the Parrot Partner bird sanctuary in their groovy new digs. Since our last visit, they’ve become a registered charity and they’ve moved out of Judy’s house, which had been taken over by all the parrots she had rescued. You know how it goes. One […]

Fringe Review: Chesterfield

I won 2 tickets from Apt. 613 to see Chesterfield at Fringe Fest, along with a gift certificate for a ZaZaZa pizza! We haven’t eaten the pizza yet, but we did go see Chesterfield and we got front row centre seats in a pleasantly air-conditioned sold-out theatre.

GC and I had absolutely no expectations going […]

Something to sing about

I’m still mulling over my visit to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside – I’ll write Part II of that post once I figure out what I think.

In the meantime…here’s something fun for you to do on May 1st if you happen to be in Ottawa.

Gil’s Hootenanny, an evening of “Songs of Protest, Songs of Hope”: Wednesday May […]

First visit to the Nordik Spa

GC and I went to the Nordik Spa up in Chelsea. It’s about a 20-minute drive from downtown Ottawa. Neither of us had ever been there before, or to any spa for that matter.

We went for The Baths, which are a set of indoor saunas and outdoor pools of varying temperatures. The recommended technique […]

Snow White and St. Francis at Stony Swamp

GC and I tried to squeeze lots of activities into our Christmas holiday, because the more you do, the bigger and fuller your holiday feels. Among other things, we went cross-country skiing a couple of times, out at Stony Swamp (Trail 26). It’s gorgeous out there, especially under the canopy created by fresh snow on […]

Gender Failure

I’ve set up a google alert for ‘transgender’ so I can keep abreast of transgender news and activity on the internet, since my favourite part of my new job is about transgender stuff.

So, on my first day with the new Google alert, I was google-alerted that Ivan Coyote and Rae Spoon were playing a FREE […]

Blogging in point form

Lately I’ve been falling behind. In April I went from a four-day-a-week job and two contracts on the side to a five-day-a-week job and four contracts. It’s temporary – the full-time job is over at the end of June, and then I’ll be looking for more work.

In the meantime, I’m not getting a whole lot […]

Out and about before the crack of dawn

Here are some of the things, over the past few years, that GC and I have gotten up at the crack of dawn for:

Crow chasing
The Leonid meteor showers
The Great Glebe Garage Sale

Last night Duncan and I had a rare sleepover at GC’s house because there was something special happening in his neighbourhood at 5:30 in […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

Here are a few things you can do to celebrate my birthday today!

The Fabric Flea Market – at the Glebe Community Centre from 10:00 to 2:00. All proceeds go to Cambridge Public School. Admission $2. Lots of bargains on fabric, yarn, patterns, buttons and other needlework supplies.

Grand opening of the Daily Grind Art […]