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Warning: Graphic Images

So here’s a crazy thing. GC had to have a medical test a couple of weeks ago as a follow-up to an earlier test a few months ago. The doctor was 99.9% sure everything was okay, but he just wanted to guide a camera through GC’s urinary tract to make sure. (Don’t worry, the graphic […]

I have a drug problem

I have a drug problem.

I’ve been getting 3-day migraines roughly once a month for the past 15 years or so. ┬áIf you do the math, that means I’ve had migraines about 10% of the time.

I only found out a year ago that they were migraines. Before that, I just thought they were bad headaches. I […]

It’s been a year

This is a rather significant anniversary week for me. A year ago on Tuesday the lump in my breast was discovered. (I didn’t start blogging about it until May, when it was officially diagnosed, but it was a year ago I learned I might have cancer.) A year ago tomorrow I lost my job of […]

What do you take? A poll.

It’s been awhile since we had a poll.

I’m just chewing on a Vitamin C and wondering how many of us take supplements.

Me, I take a multi-vitamin, plus Vitamin D (to prevent cancer), and calcium (to prevent osteoporosis). I just added a few chewable Vitamin C tablets to the regime (for stress).

Throughout my life […]

Jumpy Libra

About a month ago I heard somewhere that something was about to happen, astrologically, that would mark the beginning of several years of difficult times for those of us born under the sign of Libra.

Now, I don’t believe in astrology. But I couldn’t help remembering that last year Megan, a fellow Libran, blogged about […]

The gigantic pajamas and the robotic anesthesiologist

Everything went well with the breast cancer surgery yesterday. I was lucky enough to get an early slot, so I didn’t have to lie there starving all day. GC was allowed to stay with me until surgery.

You know those shapeless blue hospital gowns? They gave me the usual gownage, but I also got great big […]

The mayor and the neurosurgeon

Mayor Larry and his necklace

I’m taking a philosophical approach to Mayor Larry O’Brien’s acquittal on influence peddling charges. The worst thing about his lack of conviction is that, at least until the next election, we have to let him sit on the throne and wear the stupid necklace and swagger around Ottawa like he […]

Pain, popes and tiny penises

When I said it was going to be a good week, I forgot to factor in the fact that because I’m having surgery on Thursday, I have to stop taking some of my meds beforehand. Something to do with blood thinning and internal bleeding; the nurses were very stern about it.

Yesterday was my first […]