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It’s a teeny-tiny backyard, but this year we added six bird feeders, some native plants, a composter, a bird bath and a mister. Now we’ve got a bunch of regulars who visit throughout the day, including cardinals, goldfinches, chickadees, woodpeckers, purple finches, squirrels, chipmunks, butterflies and bees. And we’ve been certified by the Canadian Wildlife […]

Look what we made!

This is our Square Foot Garden. We built it ourselves. It lives in our community garden plot. We also built a half-size one that lives at GC’s place and is growing herbs and lettuce.

The premise behind square foot gardening (SFG) is that by eliminating rows, and the walking paths between them, you economize on space […]

Homeless Hope Garden Party

Shepherds of Good Hope Garden

The Shepherds of Good Hope has a community garden plot, just like ours only much bigger and much much better organized It’s out at the Kilborn Allotment Garden. They grow food there for the soup kitchen.

When I volunteered at Shepherds, there was usually enough food to go […]

Zucchini-Bikini Update and Blogging Out Loud

1. The Ebay auction for the Great Big Zucchini in the Little Wee Bikini is ending today around noon. There have been four bids so far, with the current bid standing at $2.22. People! At $1.79 a pound, this zucchini is worth at least $9.12! Not to mention the original bikini by Ottawa designer Julia […]

Zoom and the Really Big Zucchini

Today I have a very special treat to share with you. It comes from my garden.

Check it out. It’s a Really Big Zucchini.

Zoom and the Really Big Zucchini

Is that amazing or what?

We didn’t visit the garden for four days and this is what happened. A three inch zucchini grew to 19 inches! At […]


Remember a couple of months ago when GC and I got our community garden plot? Well the most amazing thing has happened! We planted stuff, it grew, and now we’re EATING it. I’m not even kidding!


Last night we ate a green pepper and some tomatoes and swiss chard from our very own garden […]

Subtle hues and square inch gardening

It seems GC is much better at distinguishing subtle hues than I am: he scored 11 and I scored 53 on the Munsell Hue Test yesterday. (Zero is a perfect score.) I’m sure his giftedness in this area is due to the fact that his father is an ophthalmologist, whereas my father is just a […]

A man on a toilet and a sheep with no name

It has been a busy couple of days. The imaging tests were all uneventful. I even slept through most of the bone scan. The most eventful part was when I opened the washroom door and found a man sitting on the toilet. (I think he and I were equally disturbed by that brief encounter, although […]

Wanted: A more hopeful garden

I’ve blogged before about my front walkway garden and its invasive goutweed. In fact, it’s not a garden at all, it’s a goutweed patch with a piece of landscaping fabric over it in an effort to stifle the goutweed and keep it from taking over the world.

Last summer I felt embarrassed about what […]