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Snow White and St. Francis at Stony Swamp

GC and I tried to squeeze lots of activities into our Christmas holiday, because the more you do, the bigger and fuller your holiday feels. Among other things, we went cross-country skiing a couple of times, out at Stony Swamp (Trail 26). It’s gorgeous out there, especially under the canopy created by fresh snow on […]

This, that, and free tickets too

Thanks for all the word donations. There were some truly inspired and fabulous words in there, including two bananas. If you haven’t given me one yet, please do. I’ll be sure to blog about the project once it gets underway, so you’ll know your words went to a good cause. At this point, all I […]

The final stretch of winter

The weather’s been kind of erratic lately, eh? Thirty-three below zero yesterday morning with the wind chill, and a forecast of seven degrees above zero tomorrow. For those of you still do Farenheit, those are Celsius degrees, and Celsius degrees generally make things sound colder than they really are. But the two scales converge at […]

About winter…

So. I see reverse psychology does not work on Old Man Winter as well as it does on cats. I figured if I pretended to like him, he would back off and play hard to get. Ha. Forty-five Fifty-six centimeters later, I concede defeat: I am no match for the wily ways of Winter.

Yesterday’s […]

I fell down the stairs and I don’t hate winter anymore

I fell down the stairs today. I was expecting to fall down the stairs sooner or later, but I assumed it would be the icy outdoor stairs. No. It was the indoor stairs.

I was heading down the stairs with my cat and my coffee cup, in my nice warm toasty thick slippery socks, […]

A thousand words

Someone emailed this to me today. I don’t know who to credit for the snow sculpture or the photograph, but they probably live in Ottawa.

I should have stayed home today. I had to take the bus both ways because the sidewalks hadn’t been plowed and the 28 centimeters of snow-mixed-with-ice-bullets was too deep and heavy […]

Things I learned today

Things I learned today:

It is not easy for a cat to see a sweater being blocked without lying down on it, but it is possible.

Your brain can, without warning, temporarily flush all of its contents.

You will look like an idiot if this happens during a meeting.

The waiting time at the Passport Office is now under […]