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Only Pets

I still watch the Birds for Sale category on Kijiji, just in case. (In case of what, I’m not really sure. The last thing I need is another bird.) Last night we went to Critter Jungle for dog food, and of course I stopped by the bird section to say hello. Two birds – a […]

Feeding Time at the Zoo

This is what a typical Birdie Breakfast looks like around here. Going clockwise from the left, that’s Simon’s breakfast, Kazoo’s breakfast and Oboe’s breakfast.

By suppertime, Simon’s breakfast dish will be empty, Kazoo’s breakfast dish will be half-empty, and Oboe’s breakfast dish will be upside down on the floor of his house.

We usually try to make […]

Friendly Giant I and Friendly Giant II

Friendly Giant I

We’re not exactly looking for a dog just yet. We’re pre-looking. We’re familiarizing ourselves with local shelters and rescues.

So yesterday we went to the Friendly Giants Dog Rescue‘s 2nd annual Adoption Day, which was held out near Kinburn at Dogs at Camp.

There were dogs everywhere, running and tumbling and wrestling together. Every […]

How we look before our first coffee

GC took this picture of me, Kazoo and Oboe this morning. That’s not mold all over my kitchen cabinets, by the way; it’s the camera app’s grunge effect.

You can’t see them in that picture, but Duncan and Logan are in the kitchen too. We have an unspoken rule in this house that if one […]

One sewing machine, a dog, a cat, two birds and a surprise

I got a sewing machine! One of my long-time regular blog readers, Connie, very generously offered me her Husqvarna Huskystar 224, which she hasn’t used for a few years. (Like me, she leaves a string of abandoned hobbies in her wake. And, like me, she used to live with eleven birds, although the most I […]

News from Zoom's Zoo

Things have been changing fast.

1. Baby Jeebus learned how to fly a few days ago, and was adopted by his new family last night. His new person is a little boy, and his new name is Cuddles. There are parrotlets in his new home, and another lovebird too. (The downside is that the other […]

Why does Duncan do this?

Duncan under the zoom blanket

It’s been awhile since we talked about Duncan. He’s in good spirits and I think he lost two pounds. GC gave him a toy for Christmas which hooks over a door handle and has a mouse on an elastic for him to play with. He plays with it every day, […]

Your animals and their table manners

GC and I went to Gilles and Annie’s for a BBQ last night. It was yummy. BBQ’d everything! Steak and chicken and sausages and zucchini, and stuff that wasn’t bbq’d too, like pasta salad and garden salad and delicious bread and corn on the cob and pink girly drinks and wine and strawberries. It was […]