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100 Happy Days

GC and I were walking to the bus stop the other morning and he asked if I wanted to do the 100-Day Happiness Challenge with him.

“Absolutely,” I said. “What is it?”

So here’s what it is. You can start anytime. You register. Every day you take a picture of something that makes you happy that […]

The birds and the birds and the bees

This is what I see: Simon is on the floor of his house. He’s holding a baby toy in one foot and chewing on it. Oboe is on his rope perch, preening his feathers. Kazoo is sleeping in her house, a hanging baby toy draped over her back. Duncan is sleeping on the back of […]

Happy Second Bird-Day Oboe

I’ve known Oboe since he was a freshly laid egg. He was the third of four eggs in Billie and Lester’s first clutch. We had a webcam on the nest, so everything was broadcast over the internet, from the laying of his egg to its hatching, all the way up through hand-feeding and his first […]

The politically (and otherwise) incorrect former mayor

I see Larry O’Brien has apologized. At the official unveiling of his portrait at City Hall last night, he told a reporter he was sorry about the racial slur. Instead of saying “The Spics are getting too much air time,” he says he should have said the Latinos were asking too many parochial questions.

So […]

He's got altitude

Guess who flew???

Yup. All the way from me to his house, which was about five feet. It was a wobbly and fluttery flight, but a glorious one.

I’m SO happy for him.

The high cost of loving an animal

Oboe at the Vet's

I know there are people out there wondering why anyone would spend twelve hundred bucks to save the life of a bird that could be replaced for $75. It’s a reasonable question. Reasonable enough, in fact, that I asked it of myself several times last week.

If Oboe died, I’m pretty […]

What the parrot told me

Just a quick update.

1. Oboe’s still making progress. Little baby steps. Today was the first day he didn’t weigh less than the day before. 44 grams, same as yesterday. He has lost 20% of his body weight in nine days. But he’s starting to eat more on his own, he’s much brighter, he spends […]

Duncan's business trip

I think Oboe has turned the corner! He seems a little brighter and livelier today, and he ate a little breakfast on his own. He’s still spending all his time sleeping in his cave, and he’s still breathing hard and can’t fly, but I sense that he’s stronger and happier today. I’m feeling guardedly optimistic. […]

The art of worrying in the middle of the night

It is 1:53 in the morning and I am up worrying. I got tired of lying in bed worrying, so I got up.

Some people are prone to worrying in the middle of the night. I am not usually one of them, so I find it interesting in a frustrating sort of way.

For starters, I’m worried […]

Welcome home, Oboe

We brought Oboe home from the hospital last night. There hadn’t been any improvement since Friday, but no deterioration either. Poor little guy. Life’s tough right now. But so is Oboe; he’s a feisty little bird. (Although you wouldn’t know it to look at him right now. His personality has been seriously deflated.)

He was all […]