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Sometimes I miss Larry O'Brien

The main drawback of Jim Watson being elected mayor of Ottawa is that we don’t have Larry O’Brien to kick around anymore. He was such an irresistible target. I don’t know if it was his colossal ego coupled with his little wee brain, or his ludicrously macho approach to life, or his absolute willingness to […]

Another Larry 2.0 fail

One of my pet peeves is automated telephone advertising. A machine calls my telephone and leaves a lengthy recording advertising something at me. I’ve had five calls recently from some recording saying a new newspaper is starting up here in Ottawa, and I should call soon to reserve my very own paper route. If […]

Ho ho ho

Mayor Larry handing out trinkets

GC and I went to Mayor Larry’s Christmas Party at the Cattle Castle today. Larry was positively beaming. Seriously. Ear-to-ear perma-grin. He was totally in his element, basking in his own glow.

He kind of shook hands with me – it was a cross between a handshake and a high […]

The mayor and the neurosurgeon

Mayor Larry and his necklace

I’m taking a philosophical approach to Mayor Larry O’Brien’s acquittal on influence peddling charges. The worst thing about his lack of conviction is that, at least until the next election, we have to let him sit on the throne and wear the stupid necklace and swagger around Ottawa like he […]

This, that, and free tickets too

Thanks for all the word donations. There were some truly inspired and fabulous words in there, including two bananas. If you haven’t given me one yet, please do. I’ll be sure to blog about the project once it gets underway, so you’ll know your words went to a good cause. At this point, all I […]

Puppy mills, pointy claws and finger-pointing

My friend Donna invited me over for dinner last night and we drank wine and ate fish and talked about Romanian orphanages, Columbian drug cartel prisoners, child abuse, depressing movies, Karla Homolka, addiction, poverty, prisons, Stephen Harper, the economy, child slavery, puppy mills and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

One heavy topic seemed to lead into the […]

Take that, Mayor Larry

I spent a frosty lunch hour at City Hall today, at a rally to support the striking OC Transpo bus drivers and mechanics.

I don’t even care if the City’s offer was fair. No trade unionist with any sense of what it means to be a trade unionist could possibly, in good conscience, have voted […]

Dr. Seuss to Mayor Larry: Mad not Sad

The bus strike and the blizzard seem almost divinely synchronized for maximum impact on the city. I predict chaos and paralysis if this strike is not averted. It was bad enough trying to get home tonight, with just the blizzard.

Mayor Larry, on his blog, keeps saying things like “It would be sad if there were […]

So we got the drug treatment facility

As you’ve probably heard, the funding for two residential drug treatment centres for youth was announced Tuesday – a 15-bed facility for English-speaking kids, and a 5-bed facility for French-speaking kids.

Better than nothing, I suppose. But I predict the effects will be negligible. Most of the addicts I see would not qualify for treatment […]

Kindness Meters?

Don’t you just love how Mayor Larry comes up with all these facile ‘solutions’ to complex problems? Scrap the crack kit program to get rid of addicts. Bribe the competition to bypass democracy. Install “Kindness Meters” to eliminate panhandlers.

The Kindness Meters, if you haven’t heard, are refurbished parking meters, now being used as the […]