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Camouflage, corpses and cats

Here it is, already Monday again. That was one fast weekend.

I did laundry and housework and played with the birds and read on Saturday. On Sunday, GC and I made a good dent in fixing the front steps. He did the carpentry while I did the cement work. It has to be finished by […]

Instinctive buying and compulsive collecting

The Janie H. Knits sale was wild. It filled a great big room the size of a gymnasium at the Perth Legion. I found myself stroking yarn and oohing and aahing with hundreds of other women and three men.

We ran into Carmen and she nudged GC along, encouraging him to dive into the whole […]

Chocolate, books and adorable cats

Still Life with Duncan

My friend Fiona dropped by for a visit last night.

“What do you need?” she asked before she came over, “What can I bring?”

“I don’t need anything,” I replied, and then added as a crafty afterthought, “Except maybe a Mars Bar.”

(You can get away with this sort of thing when you’re recovering […]

Your animals and their table manners

GC and I went to Gilles and Annie’s for a BBQ last night. It was yummy. BBQ’d everything! Steak and chicken and sausages and zucchini, and stuff that wasn’t bbq’d too, like pasta salad and garden salad and delicious bread and corn on the cob and pink girly drinks and wine and strawberries. It was […]

Pet of the Month

Usually Duncan just walks around the house naked*, but this week he was invited over to the Elgin Street Irregulars’ blog for a special guest appearance on their Tank Top Tuesday series.

Knowing that talent scouts are closely monitoring the ESI blog for the next hot thing, GC and I helped Duncan out as best […]

Don’t blog about it

My immediate reaction was “$!%%^!”

GC’s immediate reaction was “Don’t blog about it!”

Of course I have to blog about it. One of the best things about having a blog is that when life hands you a bag of steaming shit, at least you’ve got something to blog about.

Duncan peed on the bed again. Just when […]

Duncan update

Okay! I just got back from the laundromat, where I washed the duvet in a super-industrial front-loading washing machine which only takes quarters – eighteen of them.

Duncan went to the vet yesterday and she believes, as most of you do, that his peeing on clothing and the bed is a reaction to GC and TD […]

One thing I DON’T adore about Duncan

I really hesitate to tell you this, because I know you all love Duncan and I want you to keep on loving him and if anything could make you stop loving him, this would be it.

Last night, after I sang Duncan’s praises on this very blog, with the list of ten (okay, eleven) things I […]

10 Things I Adore About Duncan

He smells yummy.
He makes sweet sounds, like sighs and snuffles and snores.
He’s a luxurious and decadent creature.
He snuggles up and wraps his arm around me when we’re falling asleep.
He holds hands with me.
Nobody naps better than Duncan.
He’s got all the best dog-like qualities: he follows me around, he likes to watch me cook, he comes […]

Maybe I need a bigger toilet

One of these days he’s gonna get himself wedged in there.

Duncan, cat