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I was wrong

I’m outraged that Rona Ambrose, Minister of State for the Status of Women in Canada, voted to re-open the abortion debate. The legal right to choose if and when to have children is absolutely fundamental to women’s rights, and I find it appalling  that there’s an anti-feminist in charge at Status of Women. Doesn’t the […]

Bill C-15: Stupid policy, shrewd strategy

The Conservatives are trying to take the war on drug users to another level with Bill C-15, which proposes mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses.

This Bill, if passed into law, will strip judges of their discretion in sentencing Canadians convicted of drug offenses. Rather than being allowed to take all factors into consideration before making […]

The mayor and the neurosurgeon

Mayor Larry and his necklace

I’m taking a philosophical approach to Mayor Larry O’Brien’s acquittal on influence peddling charges. The worst thing about his lack of conviction is that, at least until the next election, we have to let him sit on the throne and wear the stupid necklace and swagger around Ottawa like he […]

Duncan and Colonel Labbé: a tale of two nightmares

I love sleeping in a cuddly tangle with Duncan. He’s like a big teddy bear, only he purrs and he cuddles back. The only problem with sleeping with a 22 pound pussycat is that when he has a nightmare, he turns into a rigid, flailing octopus with razor-sharp claws. All he wants is to eject […]

Bank Street Bully

I arrived at the corner of Bank and MacLaren this afternoon as three police officers were trying to put an unconscious, handcuffed woman into the back of a van. She looked like a rag doll.

Then they changed their minds and laid her out on the sidewalk and sent for an ambulance. The female officer slid […]

Could it be a manufactured economic crisis?

Remember back in the 1990s when Ontario Education Minister John Snobelen was caught boasting of the evil Conservative scheme to ‘manufacture a crisis’ in education? Basically, the scheme involved deliberately deceiving the public into believing that education spending was out of control, that educational standards were going down the toilet, that teachers were to blame, […]

What have unions ever done for us?

(If you can’t see this video it might be because you’re using Firefox 3 with Flash 10. In that case, you can view it by going straight to the source.)


Dr. Seuss to Mayor Larry: Mad not Sad

The bus strike and the blizzard seem almost divinely synchronized for maximum impact on the city. I predict chaos and paralysis if this strike is not averted. It was bad enough trying to get home tonight, with just the blizzard.

Mayor Larry, on his blog, keeps saying things like “It would be sad if there were […]

Ideology trumps evidence: Conservative drug policy

InSite is the only supervised drug injection site in North America, and it’s located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

“Insite is supported by a broad range of organizations and individuals including the City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia, Vancouver Coastal Health, Premier Gordon Campbell, Minister David Emerson, Senator Larry Campbell, Vancouver Police Chief […]