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Ask Me Anything #9: What do you like about Ottawa?

Cara asks “What do you like most about Ottawa?”

I’ve lived my whole adult life, as well as portions of my childhood, in Ottawa. The resulting sense of familiarity is intimately tied into everything I like about Ottawa, as well as everything I don’t like.

I like that whenever I walk around Centretown, I am entertained by […]

Last chance to join

I’ve pretty much always voted NDP, but now I’m an official card-carrying member. I signed up last week so I can help choose the next leader of the Official Opposition and the first New Democratic Prime Minister of Canada. Woohoo!

There are a number of impressive candidates running for Leader of the NDP. I’m voting for […]

I got in an actual fight

Yesterday afternoon I was walking down Merivale Road, nursing a migraine, when the guy walking in front of me grabbed an election sign out of the grass and tossed it in the ditch. Moments later we were both standing at the intersection of Merivale and Baseline, and I said “You know, you’re not supposed to […]

Roxanne Carr cell block footage released

The videos of Roxanne Carr being checked into the Ottawa Police cell block are now public. You can see them here.

Roxanne Carr left the following comment on my blog, on the Bank Street Bully post, in December, 2008. I haven’t edited it at all, other than to add paragraph breaks for ease of reading.

My name […]

Cowboys and Dogcats

The awesomeness of The Baseline Cowboys, who I blogged about in their early days, is spreading far and wide!

Tomorrow is GC and my GC’s and mine GC’s and my’s our third anniversary. We’re going to celebrate by cruising past the Baseline Cowboys (1605 Baseline Road) on our way out to dinner. Maybe […]

To be a good cop you have to be a decent human being

I’m starting to feel ever so slightly sorry for the Ottawa police. Not all of them, mind you. Just the good apples. The ones who don’t abuse their power, kick homeless people, strip sex workers naked in public, beat anybody up, or sexually assault women in their custody.

And honestly, I do believe that there […]

Sweeping changes needed to restore faith in Ottawa police

Looking at my recent web stats – particularly the keyword searches that bring people to this site – I see that I’m getting a big spike in traffic from people googling police brutality in Ottawa. They’re coming from all across Canada, as well as the US and other countries. And they’re coming, of course, because […]

Canada, eh?

This is just one street corner* in one Canadian city after Team Canada won Olympic gold tonight. It was crazy.

*Elgin and MacLaren, Ottawa.

Crime Prevention Ottawa on the chopping block

I read with interest yesterday that in the interests of holding our tax increase to 3.9%,   the City of Ottawa is considering getting rid of Crime Prevention Ottawa.

I’ve attended a couple of community meetings organized by Crime Prevention Ottawa, and frankly I wasn’t all that impressed.

I’m in favour of crime prevention, but CPO’s approach to […]

A peek inside Youville Centre

Youville child care staff in a quiet moment

I recently had the privilege of taking a tour of Youville Centre, as part of the United Way’s Seeing is Believing tour.

Youville is a combination school and child care centre for teen moms. It’s bright, clean and cheerful, and it’s alive with the energy of […]