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Justice vs. Verdict

I’ve been following the sex assault trial of Steve Desjourdy, the Ottawa police officer who cut off the t-shirt and bra of a young woman while she was pinned to the cell block floor by several other officers. This case made headlines a few years ago, and I blogged about it more than once.

The young […]

Ottawa Police break sleeping man's bones

Once again, there are more horrifying allegations of brutality lodged against members of the Ottawa Police Service.

A woman and her teenaged daughter found a man sleeping on the sidewalk early Saturday morning. She called 911, expecting the police would help the man. When they arrived, according to the woman, they shoved him around and […]

Maybe police brutality IS standard operating procedure

I’ve been thinking more about the Roxanne Carr videos. About the way she was handled by the police in the cell block. The officers seemed so calm and methodical, as if they were just following proper procedure. They didn’t seem to be angry or out of control. Add to this the fact that the Acting […]

Roxanne Carr cell block footage released

The videos of Roxanne Carr being checked into the Ottawa Police cell block are now public. You can see them here.

Roxanne Carr left the following comment on my blog, on the Bank Street Bully post, in December, 2008. I haven’t edited it at all, other than to add paragraph breaks for ease of reading.

My name […]

Fire the thugs

Even I, who have a bit of a jaundiced eye when it comes to the behaviour of Ottawa’s police force as a whole, am surprised by how much police brutality has come to light since the Stacy Bonds incident. I can’t even keep up with it all here on the blog. I skipped the last […]

And yet another one

Cellphone snatched by police, man claims.

More police brutality in Ottawa

I find this story quite disturbing. Bad enough that the police are beating up on women and drunks and people in custody, but kids too?

The 15-year-old kid, on the evening in question, was getting into a little trouble with some friends – throwing paintballs, lighting a newspaper on fire in a schoolyard. When a plainclothes […]

Ain't gonna pee-pee in my bed tonight

Have you ever heard of the Kelly Family? I just found out about them yesterday. They were one of those eccentric showbiz families with a whole bunch of talented kids. In their case, the twelve kids were all home-schooled with an emphasis on music and dance. Nobody ever cut their hair, they wore funny clothes, […]

To be a good cop you have to be a decent human being

I’m starting to feel ever so slightly sorry for the Ottawa police. Not all of them, mind you. Just the good apples. The ones who don’t abuse their power, kick homeless people, strip sex workers naked in public, beat anybody up, or sexually assault women in their custody.

And honestly, I do believe that there […]

Sweeping changes needed to restore faith in Ottawa police

Looking at my recent web stats – particularly the keyword searches that bring people to this site – I see that I’m getting a big spike in traffic from people googling police brutality in Ottawa. They’re coming from all across Canada, as well as the US and other countries. And they’re coming, of course, because […]