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Our first swap box

GC and Rosie and I installed a swap box in the Enchanted Forest in honour of Elmaks. Turns out none of us are especially handy with a drill. Rosie played the opposable thumb card (again), but GC and I didn’t really have an excuse. On the plus side, you learn a lot about how to […]

Remembering Elmaks

It was on this day, a year ago, that Ottawa’s favourite street artist hiked into the forest, lay down under a tree, and died.

His parents recently sent me a photograph of his headstone, along with an explanation of the symbols, and kindly gave me permission to share it here.

in the top left corner is Lady […]

Road trip to Perth

Lying on the couch all the time – reading, writing, and knitting – is wonderful in its own way, but sometimes I have this burning need to go out and do something else, just to keep it wonderful.

Yesterday we did the Perth Autumn Studio Tour. It’s on today and tomorrow too, if you’re […]

Remembering Kelly Morrisseau

Street Art: Kelly Morrisseau

There’s a new piece of street art in town, and it’s not funny.

Located in Minto Park, at Elgin and Gilmour, the art installation consists of a painting of Kelly Morrisseau, and a short summary of some of the more salient details of her short life and horrific death.

Kelly’s life and […]

Coming soon: The Swap Box movie

Elmaks contacted me recently to let me know that there’s a Swap Box movie in the works! A short film, actually. He and the filmmaker are seeking input from Swap Box users: they want to hear your Swap Box stories. Find out more at the brand new official Swap Box blog.

I miss having a […]

Duncan’s been immortalized!

Today was a most excellent day. So excellent, in fact, I can’t possibly fit all that excellence into one blog post, so Part II will be published tomorrow.


I went downtown and discovered a new street art installation by Maks on Slater Street just a few steps east of Bank Street. And if that […]

A night on the town, a robbery and a Duncan update

Last night I got together with a couple of other bloggers and we went down to Rasputin’s to catch local blogger Andrea Simms-Karp’s show. She was playing with her cousin, guitarist Brian Simms, and her friend all the way back to third grade, Shawna Caspi.

Andrea’s great – lots of stage presence and humour and […]