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Ask Me Anything #6: The Moon

Future Landfill asked “Did you go outside and look up at the moon when Neil Armstrong went for a walk there in ’69?”

I wish I could say that yes, I did go out and look at the moon, but the truth is I don’t remember actually doing that.

What I do remember about the moonwalk […]


I wonder if Coyote knows his mugshot is plastered all over that new coffee roasting place on Anderson Street? The last thing he needs is a bunch of heavily caffeinated bounty hunters on his tail.

Speaking of bounty hunters, I was thinking about the ways my sister and I used to make money when we […]

I had a grandfather

My grandfather, Opa, would be celebrating his 104th birthday today if he hadn’t been killed by an irrational fear of surgery. He died in a hospital in Hollywood, Florida, as a result of septic poisoning from a blocked gall bladder duct. He was 86. The doctors had warned him about it, but he’d refused surgery. […]

The Year in Review: 2009


My blog was resurrected after a near death experience with an ill-fated WordPress upgrade. I got approached by a stranger and asked if I was Duncan’s owner. I wrote three real letters, with paper and ink and stamps and everything. I sold a piece of art to a mysterious dark-haired stranger. Everybody at work […]

First memories

I’m having a very bad day, and it’s very bad for reasons I’m not at liberty to discuss. But take my word for it: I need you all to send me truffles and red wine and good vibes. Thank you.

While I was walking home from work I was listening to my iPod and every song […]

Little kids and big secrets

Way way back when I was a little girl, birthday parties were a very special thing.

We didn’t have expensive theme parties with magicians and ponies and trips to the spa back then. But we did wear our best party dresses over puffy crinolines. There were party games like Musical Chairs and Pin The Tail […]

The Year in Review: 2008

I got this annual recapping idea from Rachael at Yarn-a-go-go.


Duncan and I adopted each other, I went on a business trip to Toronto, and Mayor Larry thought he was a rock star when he got booked on charges of bribery and influence peddling.


I won second prize in a beauty contest. Ha ha! No […]