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This here is the Hola Yoga Mat Bag, from the new Mission Falls Homecoming pattern booklet. It’s knit in Mission Falls cotton. I thought it would be a quick knit since it looked so small in the pattern photo. I didn’t do a gauge swatch first (I know, I know) and I started to worry about half way through. It was starting to look like it was going to be big enough to hold 3 yoga mats, a change of clothes and a picnic lunch. Well. It’s a bit big. I hope it doesn’t stretch. I think it will.

It’s not quite finished yet. I’ve been trying to finish it in time to offer as a prize for the Plant Pool Recreation Association (we provide free recreational activities for kids in the neighbourhood – rink, soccer, swimming, summer day camp, etc.). We’re having a fundraising dinner and auction on Saturday night, and this was supposed to be one of the prizes. Unfortunately I didn’t read the pattern all the way through before starting, so wasn’t aware that the finishing touches are crocheted, not knit. So now I have about a day and a half to figure out how to crochet, so I can do the drawstring and strap. You know what? I’m not even convinced it’s good enough to be a prize. It’s too big. It’s puckered where the fair isle stripes are (I think I hate fair isle knitting). Plus it has assorted little mistakes.

I’m sure it will look much better when it has its drawstring and strap. Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

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