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The pressure keeps mounting

Today I was over at the ESI blog, and noticed they have a Zoom Cam over in the right sidebar!

Oh my god, it’s a music video with light bulbs and it’s a song about someone whose life is unravelling because she wasn’t careful about what she wished for – the parallels are freaky! How do they do that?

Meanwhile, you may have noticed that several of the ESIs left encouraging comments after my last post. That’s what they DO, they encourage you and say how wonderful you’re going to be, and they empathize with your angst but they keep ramping up the pressure somehow.

I got an email from their spokesperson and he said it was excellent that I was suffering so, because all the other ESIs would be delighted to know I was taking it so seriously and not just dashing off some piece of tripe like so many others might do. He inquired somewhat delicately about my health, and asked if perhaps I might be displaying some physical symptoms of stress he could share with his fellow ESIs.

I mentioned the increased alcohol consumption, and the touch of Tourettes Syndrome I seem to have developed since winning the contest, and he was pleased.

I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

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