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A bite of history

They didn’t use a wrecking ball; they used a giant set of jaws.

The first bite of the heritage Somerset House
Dining at the Ritz

That’s as far as they got before the engineer or architect (John Cooke? Derek Crain?), ordered everybody to stop the demolition of the Somerset House/Ritz Hotel at the intersection of Somerset and Bank Streets.

Apparently they were doing it wrong. From what I could gather, it was supposed to be only a partial demolition. A plan had been agreed to, and the east wall (with the mural) was supposed to be partially demolished. Instead, they started chewing through the middle of the north wall. And apparently they were doing it in such a way that would make reconstructive efforts more difficult down the road, if it is determined that the building is salvagable.

The engineer (or architect) whipped out some blueprints and everybody gathered around and there was much pointing and talking and excitement.

Everybody stop everything right now!

Plan your work and work your planEngineer

Unfortunately I had to leave because I was frozen stiff and very late for work. I’ll pop back at lunchtime to see what’s happening. When I left the mural was still untouched.


By lunchtime the mural had been nibbled.

The Mural has been nibbled

The Ritz Hotel at lunchtime


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