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For the old times

StewieI had so much fun tonight: it might even be worth the guilt I’m going to feel in the morning.

Stuart used to host the weekly Thursday night potluck barbecues in Mechanicsville. Now he owns a B&B on the River Kwai, and he has weekly Saturday night barbecues. They sound very similar to the Thursday night barbecues, except he raises and slaughters the meat himself now. (He explained how; I was suitably traumatized.)

Preston, Stuart, Sillsy and GuyStuart’s home for a short visit, and Ruth hosted a barbecue in the Glebe tonight so we could all get together just like old times. Even though almost all of us live in Ottawa, some of us need someone like Stuart to organize our social lives, otherwise we never get together. I saw lots of people tonight who I like very much, but who I haven’t seen since Stuart moved to Thailand a year and a half ago.

The timing wasn’t ideal for me, since I had a monthly board meeting tonight for a volunteer thing I do. I honestly had every intention of stopping by Ruth’s for an hour or so after work, having a beer, saying hi to everybody, and heading off to my meeting.

Everybody! (except those who had already left)
But you know how it is. One beer leads to another, and one conversation flows into the next, and you figure you’ve still got enough time to get to the meeting if you take a bus, and half an hour later you figure you can still make it to the meeting if you take a cab, and then someone comes up with a perfectly rational set of reasons why you should prioritize the party over the meeting, and suddenly all the food’s ready and then someone thrusts a bowl of raspberries at you, and that’s it. You open another beer, you grab a hunk of meat and some raspberries, and you promise yourself you won’t miss another meeting ever again (except for next month, because you’re going to be out of town on the second wednesday…).

It was wonderful to see everybody again.

(Oh, and Ruth is giving me a dining table, so if you come to my place for dinner you won’t have to eat at the coffee table. And Zita’s giving me a fireplace, so if you come for Christmas, bring your stocking.)


10 comments to For the old times

  • Anne Onimos

    “Stuart used to host the weekly Thursday night potluck barbecues in Mechanicsville. Now he owns a B&B on the River Kwai . . . ”

    Perhaps he’ll serve the ribs on the River Kwai.

  • AndrewZrx

    Yeah, movies are like that too… especially ones about spiders.

  • XUP

    I love parties where you come home with furniture and home renovations. I usually just end up with some leftovers wrapped in foil.

  • Sounds like an awesome time. When I lived in Ottawa I lived on Hinton Ave. in Mechanicsville – I loved that neighborhood!

  • XUP, the tricky part is figuring out how to get the furniture home without a car before she gives it away to someone else!

    Don Mills Diva, I had no idea you’d ever lived in Ottawa. I might just have to move you to the Ottawa ex-pats section of my sidebar. (I love Mechanicsville. I wish I’d bought something there before it got unaffordable.)

  • Guy

    And a good time was had by all. Hey I can help you out with the furniture

  • Guy, that would be terrific – thank you. I’ve got Margot’s sweater here too – it was a lifesaver. I’ll give it to you next time I see you.

  • Guy

    Sounds great Sue

  • Suzan,
    Great time and like the photos,can you send to my blog or something??some photos would be cool….correction,I have bbq’s saturday and sunday from 3pm on…….

    Love and Laughter,