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Brain Feast and Eye Candy

We thought we were late, but actually we were early, which was why there weren’t any zombies at Murray and Dalhousie yesterday afternoon at 3:30. We underestimated how long it would take them to lurch their wayfrom Beechwood Cemetery to the Byward Market.

“Maybe,” I suggested, “They changed their route this year.”

“You posted the route on your blog,” said GC. “Was it different?”

“I just copied and pasted it,” I said, “I didn’t actually read it.”

Hmmm. I knew for a fact that they’d be going past the Rideau Centre on their way to Parliament Hill, so we decided to go see if they were there. And that’s how we almost missed the Zombie Walk of 2009.

They weren’t there, and by the time we got back to our original spot, the parade was half over! But here are some of the highlights from the second half of the Zombie Walk. Their makeup, special effects, and theatrical skills are nothing short of astounding. I’m so impressed, because I’m woefully challenged when it comes to Halloween costumes. I can’t even be a ghost anymore, what with the cost of sheets and all. Anyway, enough about me! Without further ado, ZOMBIES! (Click the images for even bigger zombies.)


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