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Church with Chelsea

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind around here lately.

Chelsea and her parents

Chelsea and her parents

We went to Orangeville for the baptism of my great niece, Chelsea Katherine. I hadn’t seen her since she was six weeks old, and now she’s eight months old. I love her chubby limbs and easy smile. I love the looks on everybody’s faces whenever they talk to her. I love seeing my niece as a mom and my sister as a grandmother.

It was the first baptism I’d ever attended. There’s a part where everybody present has to repeat a bunch of religious stuff from a book. Chelsea chimed in with “Blah, blah blah,” in all the appropriate spots.

cc10b_1After the church service, we went to a backyard barbecue at Chelsea’s house, followed by a sleepover at my sister’s house and a 7-hour drive home. (We’re slow. But even though we’re slow, we somehow managed to get a speeding ticket on the way there. “I’ll make this as painful and as quick as possible,” said the cop cheerfully. Painful? Really? But she must have misspoken, because she returned with a ticket significantly less painful than the one we were anticipating.)

In other news, I got a registered letter from the City, and I played hardball with a printing company. Also, I went to a storytelling event, I received an interesting card from a pest control company, and I’ve been helping the lovebirds build their nest. Details to follow.

5 comments to Church with Chelsea

  • deb

    I love these pictures…please send me all of the ones you took. It was great seeing you and GC this weekend.

  • Arden

    Sounds like a great weekend! If you have time this week and upcoming weekend, the Fringe Festival’s back in town! :-) (Top recommendations this year include The Sputniks, Cactus – a Seduction, Duck Wife, the Last Straight Man in Theatre, Dale Beaner and the Turtle Boy, 7(x1)Samurai, and a Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup)

    Hope you get a chance to see something, and who knows, maybe we’ll have another almost meeting in the tent again this year?

  • I haven’t been to many christenings lately. We tend to christen children when they’re very young (say 6-8 weeks rather than months).

    Chelsea is beautiful. The photos make me want to reach out and touch that velvety skin. There’s nothing as soft as baby skin.

  • baby skin is so beautiful and smooth. wish i still have my baby skin.:,*

  • oh i wish i have baby skin again, i always envy that smooth glowing baby skin;,,