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Lovebirds and loot bags

Reading buddies

It looks like I’m going to keep all three of my baby lovebirds: Piccolo, Banjo and Oboe. They’re quite attached to each other now, and to me. And I’m pretty attached to them too: they’re my flock.

I spend at least an hour in their room each day, reading, while they chew on my book or nestle in my hair. Duncan saw one of them on my head yesterday for the very first time (I don’t let him in that room when they’re out of their cage) and his eyes got enormous. He couldn’t believe it.

My original plan was to just keep one and give two away. But you’d be surprised how hard it is to give away adorable, hand-fed, tame baby lovebirds.

Which reminds me. GC’s niece, Tali, was at a birthday party a few months ago. The kids all got loot bags, each of which contained, in addition to the usual dollar store crap, a live goldfish in a plastic bag of water. The kids were thrilled, but Tali’s mother was not. Instead of picking up her kid from the party and going home, like she planned, she had to pick up her kid and go spend $40 at the pet store, buying it a bowl and food and whatever else it needed.

What kind of person puts live animals in children’s loot bags?? I wouldn’t be surprised if half those poor fish died within the first 24 hours.

Triple Trouble

Anyway. I admit that I briefly considered using the loot bag method to foist my lovebirds off on unsuspecting friends. I even considered giving them to Tali’s parents as a surprise 19th anniversary gift.

But I didn’t, and I have to say I’m very happy they’re still mine, even though Banjo did chew through my necklace yesterday while Oboe ate my book and Piccolo bit the inside of my nose.

7 comments to Lovebirds and loot bags

  • grace

    You should never Pic your nose.

  • But won’t they need mates? They are LOVE birds, ya know!

  • Cara

    If they are anything like my guys (cockatiels) they’ll each have very different personalities. One of mine was extremely active, curious, in to everything, chewing on everything, and wanting to be dominant. The first two years were rough but by the time he was 8 he slowed down enough to become rather sweet. He’s now 22 and still trying to run the household. Thankfully the other bird is a rather easy going, affectionate and sweet creature who just wants to have her neck scratched and sit with you.
    Have fun with your guys.

  • I can understand why you’d want to keep them – so cute!

    Goldfish in loot bags??? I’m sure they meant well, but definitely not a well thought out plan.

  • Oh my, I’d freak if someone did that (gave us a live fish in a loot bag)….then I’d make sure their kid visited and went home with a kitten!…Maybe not, but I’d want to!

  • I can’t imagine giving kids live goldfish. I used to hate it when the girls won then at school fairs. They’re not “free” especially when the kids are too young to take care of them properly.

    The idea of a bird crawling on me gives me the willies. I must have had an incident with a bird as a child because they frighten me.

  • Grace, ha ha!

    Abby, they need to be bonded – but it doesn’t have to be to any particular species or gender. It’s an emotional bond. In their case, they’re bonded to each other and to me.

    Cara, yes, they do have distinct personalities. Banjo’s the most affectionate and vocal. Oboe knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Piccolo’s the adventurer. Your guys are 22 now? You’ve had them all their lives?

    Valerie, that’s what I was thinking too. It’s just not right to treat fish like disposable pets.

    Mudmama, I know, I’d be pissed off too. There’s no difference between that and sending your kid to a birthday party with a nicely wrapped box containing a kitten.

    Donna Lee, I’ve heard lots of people say that about birds lately. I had no idea so many people were a little creeped out by the idea of birds on them, or even flying around a house. (I feel that way about bats, so I think I understand.)