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Oboe update

He’s still in the hospital. He’s not out of the woods yet. The vet wants him to get a little better on his own before she treats him, because she doesn’t think he’s strong enough or stable enough right now to survive stressful treatment. For example, she’ll need to anaesthetize him in order to x-ray him, and his respiration isn’t stable enough for anaesthetic. His breathing is still laboured, and we don’t know why. He’s not interested in food either. They’re still tube-feeding him.

He’s also very sleepy today, and that concerns her. She’s hoping it’s just from the pain meds, but she’s worried there might be something else going on. They’re going to discontinue the pain meds tomorrow and see if he perks up.

GC took Rosie to the vet today for some shots She’s gained a kilo since we got her, and the vet says it feels like muscle, which is great. He visited Oboe while he was there. I sent along a bagged lunch of his favourite foods, and his “girlfriend.” It’s a toy that Oboe’s especially fond of. They have an intimate relationship. Apparently Oboe was happy to see both of them.

Oboe and his girlfriend

We went to visit him this evening, too. He really perked up when he saw me. He climbed all over me and sat on my shoulder and seemed pretty happy. He wanted to fly, but he can’t. After about 15 or 20 minutes he was exhausted and I put him back in his little cage. He took a tiny bite of the millet I brought him. And then he curled up with his girlfriend and fell asleep. It just about broke my heart.

7 comments to Oboe update

  • I’m glad to hear Oboe is still hanging on – if not completely up to snuff.

    I was getting together the catnip toys I promised Duncan ages ago (in exchange for the fabric) – but one of the toys I made him was a little lovebird. After reading – I’m wondering if it’s inappropriate to send along with the rest…

  • sassy

    Thanks for the update, like many of your readers, I am concerned and hoping for the best.

  • OHHHH….I’m so glad he was chipper enough to love on you. It sounds like he’s getting excellent care! I’m thinking about him constantly and I have a strong feeling he’s going to pull through.

  • Sandra

    It just about broke my heart reading that. Thinking good thoughts for Oboe.

  • I hope Oboe recovers!!!!! Thank you for update and the photo.

  • Hugs to you and to Oboe, and I’m sending all my healthful thoughts to him for a great recovery. Truly hope everything is OK.

  • Karen

    Thinking of you and Oboe on this snowy day. I hope that your visits and Oboe’s girlfriend inspire Oboe’s spunkiness to help him pull through this. He’s one determined little fellow and the fact that he responded to you, GC and his girldfriend make me think he is going to be okay. I’m thinking about you guys and sending positive thoughts Oboe’s way.