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Blogging in point form

Lately I’ve been falling behind. In April I went from a four-day-a-week job and two contracts on the side to a five-day-a-week job and four contracts. It’s temporary – the full-time job is over at the end of June, and then I’ll be looking for more work.

In the meantime, I’m not getting a whole lot of stuff done other than what absolutely must be done: work, laundry, food, pets, and a little bit of fun. The housework will just have to wait till July. Blogging will be intermittent and mostly in point form.

Here are a few of the things I’ve been doing for fun:

  • On Mother’s Day my son took me out for martinis and poutine. This struck me as the grown-up version of the traditional Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed: Cheerios in chocolate milk served with a piece of toast, a pickle and three gummy bears. I laugh every time I think of martinis and poutine.
  • This weekend GC and I went for dinner at a friend’s place and had a really lovely evening just sitting on their patio, talking, drinking beer and feasting.
  • We also found time for a romantic Sunday afternoon picnic at the Arboretum, with wine and a baguette and blueberry goat cheese.
  • Saturday morning I went for a 14 km walk, Sunday a 16 km walk, and Monday I reined it all back in and only went for a measly 10 km. I listened to some excellent short story podcasts while I walked.

And here are a couple of fun things on the horizon:

  • Today is GC’s car’s birthday. After work we’re all going to pile in (GC, me, Ernie, Duncan and Rosie) and go through the carwash!
  • We bought tickets to go see Propeller Dance at the Centrepointe Theatre on June 1st. This will be our first time seeing them; everybody says they’re fantastic.
  • The Great Glebe Garage Sale is next Saturday!

4 comments to Blogging in point form

  • Mikatana

    umm, blueberry goat cheese!

    • It was pretty good, but not as good, in my opinion, as the cranberry cinnamon goat cheese. (They both sound like they might be awful, but they’re not.) We didn’t get the cranberry cinnamon because we were having GC’s famous homemade cranberry lemon loaf for dessert, and it might have been cranberry overkill.

  • The guys over at Propeller Dance are a nifty bunch. I’ve got a friend who’ll actually be in the show you’re going to see. It’s interesting, to be sure.

    PS: Yes–I still read this thing. Sorry for not existing sooner!

  • Sid

    Martinis and poutine sounds exactly like the type of Mother’s Day I hope to enjoy in a few years.

    In your spare time, I’d love some story podcast recommendations! I’ve only recently discovered them and the good ones make me sad when I arrive at work and have to press pause. Many days I’m tempted to keep walking. Well, more so then usual…