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Stewart Park Music Festival

acoustic stage
This is a free annual music festival in Perth, Ontario. Stewart Park is gorgeous and the line-up is impressive. I spent most of the day at the Acoustic Stage, where there was a series of jam sessions with musicians who don’t usually play together. Among others, I saw Stephen Fearing, Rick Fines, Jenny Whiteley, Luther Wright, Martyn Joseph, James Keelaghan, Oh Susanna, Russell deCarle, Lynn Miles, Brock Zeman, Eugene Ruffolo, Andy White and Lennie Gallant.

Grrrls with GuitarsThey were all worth seeing, but BY FAR the most intense and engaging musical experience of the day was the Grrrls with Guitars jam session, featuring Ember Swift and her band jamming with the girls from FRUIT – Sam, Mel and Susie – and Carolyn Mark and Darleen somebody. Sensational. I bought a couple of FRUIT CDs after seeing that.

Leaping Kids I’ve never seen so many kids at a music festival. They were everywhere! They all seemed to be having a good time too.

Swimming kids

There was some kind of remote control boat thing going on too. I think that was mostly for serious grown-up remote-control boat enthusiasts. Weird hobby, but whatever floats your boat, I guess.

remote control boats

I just liked this cow on the wall of the butcher shop, so I took her picture. I also took a picture of a three-legged cat.


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