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A 21 inch penis and a carving knife injury

Brilliant company (photo by Zack)I was tired and felt a bit like I was coming down with something last night, and so I almost didn’t go to Thursday Night at Stuey’s. I was glad I did, because all it took was some outstanding food, brilliant company and two Stellas to make me feel completely rejuvenated and healthy. [Click photos to enlarge.]

Outstanding food There were a few things that set last night apart from all the other Thursday Nights at Stuey’s, including a bonfire, a feisty little party animal, an a carving knife injury! (Stuart showed us his 21-inch walrus penis too, but I forgot to take a picture. Next time.)

It was decided last night that Pat would start podcasting a daily rant. This is going to catapult her to Instant Internet Infamy, because Pat is truly one of the best ranters of our generation. But first we have to figure out how to podcast.

Here are some highlights from last night:

 The Bonfire:

A bonfire!

The feisty little party animal:

A feisty little cat!

The carving knife injury:

An injury!

(By the way, I apologize for that cheap attention-getting headline.)


4 comments to A 21 inch penis and a carving knife injury

  • I have no beef with your attention-getting headline. If I wrote a post that included a 21″ penis, I’d mention it in the headline too, even if I couldn’t imply a link to a carving knife injury.

    This should be a great way to improve your number of google hits.

  • John

    I do have a sexy thumb, don’t you think?

  • I was going to say so myself, but I figured a picture was worth a thousand words 😉

    Are you going to Stuey’s tomorrow? I’m making drumsticks.

  • John

    I have a cold today but do hope to make it…doing sandwiches and desert. See you there….cough…..cough! I need another lozenge.