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Mark your calendars

I’ve never really understood the attraction of conferences. Maybe it’s a combination of my short attention span and my anti-social nature, but I get all squirmy and irritable in meetings that go on longer than an hour. Conferences just seem like torturously long meetings to me. (Speaking of which, I have to attend an all-day meeting on Tuesday. I got ambushed yesterday and am being FORCED to go even though I fought like bloody hell to get out of it. I am not happy.)

The Boar Semen Conference LogoAnyway, enough about me. I know there are lots of people who like meetings and conferences, so, as one of my work tasks, I maintain a listing of upcoming conferences. Today I was looking for information about the Immigrant Children conference, and stumbled across this one. Mark your calendars: The Sixth Annual Boar Semen Conference will be held in Alliston Ontario in July.

I could have stopped there. But no. I had to go look at the sponsors of this conference, and visit their sites and read about their products. I now know a truly disturbing amount about human-assisted swine reproduction. Let’s just say there are worse things than sitting in a meeting all day. Like being a woman pig.

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