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I got older but I’m okay

Despite all my anticipatory hysterics about turning 50, I’m pleased to report I woke up on October 15th with a smile on my face and a profound sense of inner peace about my sacred place in the ageless eternal rhythms of life.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t peace, maybe it was resignation. And maybe it wasn’t profound. And maybe I wasn’t smiling either, but at least I wasn’t weeping inconsolably for my lost youth. As for those ageless eternal rhythms of life? I don’t even know why I said that.

In spite of everything, I actually had my best birthday ever, and so far fifty’s great. (I’ve got to stop SAYING fifty though. Every time I say it or write it, I feel weird again.)

Here’s how I spent my birthday:

    Happy Birthday Zoom!

  • There was a spectacular sunrise on my birthday, which felt like a birthday gift from the universe.
  • I walked to work listening to a podcast so heartwarming it made me cry, but in a happy way.
  • The guy at the Second Cup gave me my apple-cranberry muffin for free.
  • My friends at work sang happy birthday to me and gave me a card with little boxes of Smarties taped all over it. I love Smarties.
  • All day long I kept getting emails and facebook messages and phone calls from people wishing me a happy birthday.
  • I visited the cats in the Parliament Hill Cat Colony at lunchtime, and when I got back to the office I discovered a friend of mine had dropped by the office with two yellow roses and a bag of tea for me. One of the roses was from him, and the other was from his father.
  • I left work a couple of hours early.
  • The history of the Pretoria Avenue house is etched in its skin

  • GC picked me up and we went to see the Pretoria Avenue art house that Tobique_Demo had told me about. It is wonderful and unique- you should go.
  • Inside it is Oresta, the organic skin care confectionery. We went in and asked the woman about the house and I got distracted by all the yummy-sounding potions in jars lining the walls. Next thing I knew I was booking an appointment for a facial next Thursday. I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m looking forward to it.
  • Hiking in the Gatineaus

  • GC and I drove up to the Gatineaus and went for a hike through the forest, up to the carbide ruins with the little waterfall. We saw otters playing in Meech Lake, and we talked to a retired gentleman who goes on walking vacations – he’s walked across Ireland, Wales, New Zealand, all kinds of places. Some of his walks last 70 days. He’s learning Spanish so he can walk around Argentina this winter. I think I’d like to walk across Iceland.
  • Happy Birthday Zoom!

  • We went out for dinner and then back to GC’s place for birthday cake and balloons and presents.

All in all, a most excellent birthday. And honestly? Fifty’s not as bad as it sounds. In a few years it’ll probably start to sound young even.


13 comments to I got older but I’m okay

  • Happy (belated) birthday, Zoom. Take it from someone who knows – fifty is nifty!

  • tobique demo

    I echo Abby. Belated Happy Birthday!
    It sounds like you celebrated well, I’m very happy for you. 50 is somewhat of a milestone, but it does keep getting better. There is so much out there to enjoy, contemplate, bemoan, whatever. The older you get the more there is. Positivity is essential.
    Thank you for your blog, Zoom!.

  • happiest of belated birthdays to you! it’s so good to know that fifties not that bad. i am headed there.

  • And I’ll add my belated voice to the others. Happy birthday, ma’am…

  • You’ll soon realize that during your fifties things only get better. There is a tendency to get more respect from people, too – cuz, heck, your experience has earned you that much.

    Now this lass is 58 – and she is so looking forward to turning 60!

  • Kelly

    Happy Belated Birthday Zoom!.. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.

  • best wishes Zoom. glad you had such a great day xx

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes everybody!

    And welcome, Chrystal Ocean. I visited your blog and listened to the podcast of your story last night. It’s a powerful one, and I hope things have gotten better for you since you wrote it. I’m going to work my way through all the podcasts in your book.

  • I am so jealous you got to see otters! They are among my most favourite animals. I want to do walking vacations and combine them with biking but neither one strenuously. I love walking – it is the best way to see a city, that’s for sure. It sounds like you had just a lovely birthday.

  • Ah, oh! Guess I should get going and finish the remaining podcasts, huh? Well, I needed a prod, so shall hop to it.

  • sheila

    I’m so glad you had an excellent birthday! Now that I’m a few weeks into 50, it’s starting to feel a little more comfortable.

  • Fantastic!! Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a pretty wonderful day, as all birthdays should be. And happy blogoversary too! Your suppository story still makes me howl with laughter. Huzzah!

  • Re

    Wishing you a belated happy birthday!