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The Just Post archives

For the past two years, Mad (Under the Mad Hat) and Jen (One Plus Two) have been scouring the blogosphere for the best social justice posts, and showcasing them in monthly lists on their own blogs.

decjp The December Just Post list was their last, and I was honoured to receive an award for my Bank Street Bully post. (My first Just Post award was in November, for Harm Reduction in the Context of Real Life)

For awhile there, it looked like I had discovered the Just Post Awards just as they were coming to an end. This would not have surprised me, as it would have been consistent with the overall anachronistic patterns of my life. I have always been a little out of synch. I eschew fads while they’re in vogue, but become vicariously and retroactively attached to them after the fact. I am sentimental and melancholy about things I was never part of. I collect antique photographs of other people’s ancestors. My favourite song as a child was Those Were the Days My Friend.

But I’m happy to report that the rumours of the impending death of the Just Post awards were greatly exaggerated, or at least premature. Mad and Jen have passed the torch along to Alejna (Collecting Tokens) and Holly (Cold Spaghetti), and so the Just Post awards will live on for the forseeable future. (I’ll still like them anyway.)

For now, you can find the whole collection in Jen’s sidebar. I’ve only just scratched the surface myself.

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