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Speaking of pants

I tend to avoid fashion because it’s so easy to go so dramatically wrong without even knowing it. I still cringe whenever I remember my pink crimpolene hot pants outfit, complete with black patent leather boots, which I wore every time I wanted to look especially good in grade nine. I am actually blushing at this very moment.

I believe there are two kinds of fashion-impaired people. The kind, like me, who don’t even try to be fashionable because we don’t trust ourselves to get it right and we don’t want to look ridiculous; and the kind who pursue fashion for its own sake with no regard for what suits their bodies, and who consequently sometimes look ridiculous.

Even though I feel a deep kinship with other fashion-impaired people, every now and then some stranger’s fashion faux-pas strikes me as so horrifyingly interesting that I feel compelled to surreptitiously take a photo of it.

And so it was at the Umo Cafe on Somerset Street on Wednesday.

Speaking of pants

Do you think she knows that this is what she looks like from behind when perched on a stool? If you were her friend, would you say something?

19 comments to Speaking of pants

  • Okay, I’m confused. Is that a thong outside the leggings?? The horror, the horror.
    If you can’t control the tags and keep them inside the clothes, then just cut the tags off.
    Most people do NOT look at their appearance from the back. Hence many hair issues.
    I can be fashion-challenged too and still occasionally make really wrong choices. But I have learned that if I am not wearing something, it is for a reason and then I give it away. I will take comfort over looks almost any day, except when I’m trying to look professional and then it’s pantyhose and dress shoes. But you can look nice without being a fashion plate.

  • The picture’s not great because she was sitting in front of a sunny window. But it is indeed a thong. She’s wearing low rise pants which slide halfway down her ass when she’s sitting.

    I have tag issues too, but I don’t dare cut them off because then I won’t know how to launder my clothing.

  • Thongs are no longer in. This woman is sporting a retro look.

  • If I saw this, I wouldn’t even have to know the woman to say something. I would act as if she didn’t know, and tell her as discretely as possible that her undies weren’t under anything. But I’m just in-your-face like that.

  • All I can say is that this is completely discusting.

  • We call that a ‘whale tail.’ And, yes, I would tell my girlfriend that she’s being tacky with her panties on display. But, that’s how were are with each other.

  • I’ve always like retro looks.

  • Carmen

    But…she must feel a…hum…breeze back there?? No??? And the band around her pants must hint at being wayyyy down??? Unless she’s sipping her fourth Cosmo???

  • I am all about anti-fashion. I used to treat clothes as costume all the time. Now I just try not to be covered in baby vomit…and try not to support the mega corporations use of sweatshops…so knowing I blatantly have made and make fashion faux pas – I would assume if she intends to not wear pants that she is prepared to be confronted on it (I did when I wore spray painted crinolines over longjohns instead of pants) and will say “I know” when confronted. If she didn’t intend to be sitting bare assed in a cafe she’d be mortified but THANKFUL after the fact when confronted with the reality.

    But what to say?

    “Are you aware you don’t appear to be wearing any pants at all?”

    “Did the runaway drycleaning robot pant presser steal your pants?”

    “I hope they disinfect your chair when you leave skanky butt!”

    I think it would depend on how good a friend I was.

  • Nik

    I was with coworkers in a coffee shop once, and we saw some woman’s thong ass in a similar way. One guy found this really exciting and made a big production of it. When I said that I found it gross, he implied that I had to say that because I wasn’t single.

    I think some women dress this way on purpose because they think it’s sexy.

  • I think it’s kind of cute actually… I think of it as décolleté of the rear end.

  • XUP

    I just want to go on record as saying that I think the things you wear suit you absolutely. Fashion isn’t really about wearing the latest trends or designer duds or being chic — it’s about finding your own style… something you’re comfortable in, something you can buy and wear without a lot of second guessing and agonizing, something that reflects who you are. I love your collection of knitted sweaters and your sensible, yet attractive shoes and fact that you just tuck all your valuables into your trouser pockets and the way you allow your hair to have a life of its own. It all speaks of the essential Zoom and you’ve got it exactly right.

  • deb

    She absolutely knows what is going on back there and I am amazed by the number of men that find it attractive.

  • She is wearing ‘things’ that don’t fit! Period!

  • I’m with Deb, she knows what’s going on and is proud of it. The appeal is beyond me, but it’s apparently a popular look. All of our young secretaries have been wearing it for a while now, regardless of body type or appropriateness. I’m dying to tell them it’s out of fashion so you can knock it off now, but I know it won’t do any good, so I just keep my mouth shut and wait until they have their pink crimpolene and high heel boot moments in 10-20 years. (Fashion icon that I am, all I’ve ever worn are the proverbial jeans and t-shirts/tops. My idea of evening wear is black jeans and a dark blue, silk blouse. At least I don’t have to look back and think OMG I actually wore that!)

  • Oma

    I must be going blind in my old age. I looked at it and thought she was dressed in layers.

  • So the general consensus is she knows what it looks like, she likes how it looks, and some other people like it too? I think it looks cheap and tacky, but maybe some people find cheap and tacky sexy.

    Melinda, are you serious?? You’ve got an office full of people dressing like that?

    Oma, it didn’t help that the photograph was of a black woman in front of a sunny window.

    XUP – thank you very much. That made my day.

  • Tom Sawyer

    I’m guessing there ain’t no more photos. Which is unfortunate, cuz I have to see the face. After all, if the face ain’t good lookin’, the snapper ain’t good cookin’. Ya know what I mean?