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Lying Around, Day 2

When I was first told I had to spend the next six weeks lying down, my first thought was “That’s crazy! I might be lazy, but I’m not THAT lazy!”

But, you know what? Maybe I am that lazy. I’m adapting. I’m getting into it. I’ve been writing, and I’ve had visitors and I’ve knit a Rat-Monkey. I have a stack of good books to read, and a book to plan. I signed up for Nanowrimo. My outrageous yarn splurge was delivered today (and for those of you who didn’t read the comments, it ended up costing only half as much as I thought, because Kellie pointed out that the Socks That Rock yarn has double the yardage of the yarn called for in the pattern. Yay!)

Besides, I don’t lie around all the time – I go to the Civic Hospital a lot too. I was there on Friday for incision complications. Then GC, MD, insisted last night that we go to Emergency and get my back incision checked out again because it had split open. (Sorry, I know that’s gross.) We sat around the ER knitting and doing crossword puzzles and freaking out because a) I’m not supposed to be sitting, and b) I felt like a sitting duck – the people we were sitting around with kept doing disgusting contagious things, and the nurses kept paging housekeeping to come clean up their bodily fluids, and finally I said “That’s it, we’re leaving,” and we left.

So today I called the Neurosurgery Unit, which is infinitely more civilized than Emergency, and nicer too, and cleaner, and they told me to come over right away and they’d take care of me. So I went over and had what felt like a mini-operation right there in the examining room. Dr. Lesiuk told me that what was happening with my back wasn’t my fault. Apparently there was a stitch that had abscessed because my body’s defense system didn’t like some of the foreign materials they’d put in my back. He took a swab to be cultured, and dug out the stitch and put in some gauze and put a great big compression dressing over everything and sent me home to lie down. But I have to go back at 9:30 tomorrow morning so they can check it again.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “What do you mean, you knit a Rat-Monkey?”
I’ll post pictures tomorrow, after I finish stuffing him and sewing him together.

18 comments to Lying Around, Day 2

  • grace

    No, I’m not thinking β€œWhat do you mean, you knit a Rat-Monkey?” I’m thinking “Ewwww. Bodily fluids. Abcess. Compression bandage.”

    Feel better soon. Please.

  • Mo

    Hi Zoom! I would never categorize you as a lazy person! Getting better takes a lot of patience and determination. Although, I do think Duncan is very happy to have you (and GC) home a bit more to snuggle with.

  • Oma

    Aren’t you the one who is allergic to adhesive tape?

  • You people are FAST!

    Grace, I know, I’m glad it’s on my back so I don’t have to look at it.

    Mo, you’re right, Duncan loves having me home full time. We spent about half of every 24-hour-period touching. (The rest of the time he sleeps on the back of the couch while I lie on the couch doing stuff.)

    Oma, nope, not me. I’m not allergic to anything.

  • Deb

    I am not allergic to adhesive either…

  • “I’m not allergic to anything.” yeah, sure, famous last words πŸ˜‰

    Glad to see you’re getting the medical attention you need, even if you can’t get it from Emerg.

    – RG>

  • *correction* HEAR. Glad to HEAR you’re getting medical attention. I don’t need to SEE photos of that, tyvm.

    – RG>

  • Oma

    I thought when they removed a mole from your back you had a reaction to the tape …

  • Nat

    Well, at least the to-ing and fro-ing to the hospital for the packing will get you out of bed. (My friend had home care for that… might be an option?)

    Can’t wait to see the rat-sock-monkey thing…

  • I’m allergic to the tape and so is Nature Girl.

    Ewwwww!!!! Body fluids!!!!! I’m with you, seriously it must require stitches or be darn likely to be broken for me to set foot in the ER. I’ve also learned that crazy glue is better than stitches 80% of the time….I keep mini tubes in our first aid kit. Next time get GC to krazy glue you back together :-)

  • Oh and I’ve sent two emails to your zoomery gmail acct – no sign you’re getting them!

  • Arden

    Rat-sock-monkey sounds like a thing-of-awesome!

    Glad you got the yarn! I’m waiting on a sweater’s worth myself, not that I don’t have 2 sweaters on the go atm. Nope, not me πŸ˜›

    Dogcats make such great companions. Mine is especially good at trying to stand on my most painful spot, or bouncing onto my stomach when I’m lying in bed with a bucket by my side trying not to vomit.

  • felonius bunk

    just as many species won’t eat gm ‘foods’, your system rejects and escapes the “materials” and atmosphere; if my g-mail failed, it’s a plot sample site, eg: ‘deja vous – an unauthorized autobiography’ collaboration by schizoid alter-ego (w psychic sidekick for posthumous section)

  • XUP

    You can’t possibly be lazy when you have the momentous task of getting better to accomplish. That is hard, hard work and requires all your resources, mentally, physically and spiritually. Nourish all three of them well.

  • I’m glad it got taken care of, but that does sound like an awful night.

  • I freak out too when I have to go to the ER. If you ever have to go again, play the cancer card. It will speed things up and get you your own private exam room.

  • Kellie

    lol, I was thinking “ohhhh, lookie! My name on Zoom’s blog!” and then i was thinking “oooh rat monkey – too cute” and then the whole ER/bodily fluids bit made me swoon a little, and then I went back to “ooooh, I’m mentioned on Zoom’s blog”. So glad I could help you spread the yarn dollars around a bit more ;o)

  • Laurie, for the record, I DID tell them I have cancer, and they really didn’t give a shit.

    Kellie, I always get a kick when people get a kick out of me mentioning them on my blog. πŸ˜‰ But man, you really did make me feel so much better when you told me about the yardage. You made my day. Thanks again!