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I can’t think of anything to write about today, so I’m inviting your suggestions, ideas and questions.

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  • Kat

    HST passed today by Ontario Legislature?

  • Yeah I think the snow would be an awesome topic, seeing as how it just magically appeared outside our windows overnight…. or talk about C-15 being amended by the Senate… or the HST… not sure. zoom you’re always the best topic picker, and the most amazing writer, how could you not come up with something?

  • No, no… I wasn’t suggesting that we TALK about the snow. I was just thinking that it may be a good day to take a snow day, and go play outside… followed by “real” hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. I have a Mediterranean stew in the slow cooker that’s aching for a bottle of red wine to accompany it and a dog that lives for days like today. What do you say… are you in?

  • kimmie

    question please. whatever happened to the words you collected? 😉

  • Kat, THAT subject will heat me up on this cold and blustery snow day!

    JM – C-15, I’ve been meaning to blog about that one, ever since I went to the demonstration on the Hill last week. Good idea for tomorrow.

    Skylark – I’m in! What time do you want me there?

    Gabriel – you’re in too?

    Kimmie, that’s a very good question. I have them all written down and I’ve done absolutely nothing with them…yet. But I will. I have to get back into making art after a little hiatus brought on by Nanowrimo and stuff. Maybe the words will be a good place to start – you know, a good way to bridge the transition from writing to visual art.

  • grace

    Q. What’s in a Mediterranean Stew?

    Though, honestly, winter makes me think more of subterranean.

  • Lo

    write about a favourite holiday memory and invite others to do the same OR a not so favourite holiday memory:)

  • I’m ready for another Duncan story!!

  • If I were anywhere in Ottawa I’d love to join you for stew, but I was actually offering a subject you could write about.

  • XUP

    I second the motion to write about Gabriel

  • Grace: Eggplant, zucchini, okra, garbanzo beans, raisins, carrots, squash, tomatoes, cumin, cinnamon, tumeric, crushed red pepper… served over a bed of couscous.

  • Lisa in Toronto

    Any ideas how to avoid being stressed by the holiday season, without being too Grinch-y?

  • Oma

    Gee! If I could get out, I’d want to join you for the yummy stew!

    I like the suggestion made by Lo.