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Formerly naked women at the Poor No More rally

Mary Walsh, from This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Mary Walsh

GC and I went to an event on Saturday for the documentary-in-the-making, Poor No More. Basically it was a chili lunch in a church basement with Mary Walsh (creator of This Hour Has 22 Minutes), followed by a march to Parliament Hill and some coordinated chanting for the movie cameras.

While we were sitting in the basement eating chili and people-watching, GC nudged me and said “Does that woman over there look familiar?”

“Yes,” I said, “We saw her naked at the naked bike ride.”

We then both remembered her naked for a few seconds.

“How many women in this room,” I asked, “Have you seen naked?”

GC surveyed the room and counted on his fingers.

“Two,” he announced.

I won that contest, because there was a woman there whom I recognized as a legally-blind exotic dancer at the Alex Hotel circa 1978, during its brief and unsuccessful attempt to turn itself into a strip joint.

Mary Walsh had us both beat though, because she’s been photographed with 50 naked Newfoundlanders.

Poor No More Rally on Parliament Hill

Poor No More Rally on Parliament Hill

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