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139 words and nine pictures

Here are some of my babies.

Kazoo and Duncan

Kazoo and Duncan

Baby Birds

Baby Birds

The theme of the group art show currently at the John Patrick Mills Gallery on Hinchey Street was LOVE. I should have created some living lovebird art. I didn’t think of it until we were already there.

Here’s Jennifer, who works at the art program where GC and I volunteer with at-risk kids. We run into her everywhere.

Jennifer Cook at the vernissage last night

Here’s Jennifer’s piece of art, which was part of the show. I love the caption at the bottom.

Jennifer's art, which made me laugh out loud

I don’t know this guy, but I thought you might like to see his hair.

Hair at the vernissage

7 comments to 139 words and nine pictures

  • Cara

    Your baby birds are so sweet.

  • Tom Sawyer

    I can’t see Jennifer having herpes: she’s just too damned cute.

  • Tom Sawyer – that has to be the most MASSIVELY ignorant and sexist comment that I’ve heard so far, this year.

  • The baby birds are so big now! You’ve taken such care with them…they are beautiful! I laughed out loud at the photos with Duncan and Kazoo. So cute.

  • Tom Sawyer

    deBeauxOs: I kind of thought so, too. Must have been her art that inspired my comment.

  • grace

    Is that roving I see just over Kazoo’s left shoulder?!?!?

  • Yeah, they’re sweeties. Jeebus isn’t in any of these pictures, but even he is starting to look like a real bird now. (A little lopsided, but I think his little imperfections make him all the more perfect.)

    Tom, it’s a bit of a leap that the art is about the artist. I wouldn’t assume she has herpes any more than I’d assume cute people can’t get herpes. (But you’re right about one thing: she IS pretty darn cute.)

    MM – I love the pictures of Duncan and Kazoo too. They’re both so watchful and patient. They can stare at each other for hours.

    Grace, you observant thing you! Yes it is rovings. I’m dabbling in needle felting. So far I’ve made half a bumblebee.