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Grumpy stuff and happy stuff

I have a cold and it’s making me uncharacteristically irritable. Little things are getting to me, like slow web sites, and ¬†disappearing menu bars in my browser, and Rosie’s squeaky toys. (I’ve never met a dog who likes her toys as much as Rosie, and especially her squeaky toys, which she likes to chew hard and fast so that they’ll squeak louder and faster.) I’m also grumpy because I caught the cold from GC and he only had it for three days whereas I’ve had it for six so far, which doesn’t seem fair.

What else? The weather. Doesn’t it seem bizarre that winter is following spring this year? That first snowfall, a week or two ago, was lovely and charming and when I went for a walk that evening I was reminded of why I love being Canadian. But now I’m sick of it already, all the wind and slush and ice and cold.

SisiOn the bright side, my niece Kati had a baby last week! Her name is Sienna (Sisi for short) and she weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces. She was due on February 25th, and I was hoping she’d be late so we could have a Leap Day baby, but she arrived on February 28th. (Her mom was hoping she’d come early, like maybe in January, so there ya go.) GC and I have been working together on a quilt for her, and we’re almost done.

Isn’t she lovely? I think she looks like an activist here, with her fist up in the air. Power to the babies!


6 comments to Grumpy stuff and happy stuff

  • We haven’t had any winter to speak of here in NJ. It was colder in October than it has been all winter. The spring bulbs are busy making flowers. I think I’d like just one good snowstorm but with DST being next weekend, I think we’ve passed the window of opportunity.

    Sienna is beautiful. She looks very cuddly (despite the fist of power!)

  • I love this picture of her! BABY BLOC!!! We got our first beautiful snowfall today and I know that on making tracks there’s 6 inches of mud beneath it. I’m grumpy too, the family curse of migraines has hit.

  • Kathleen

    Zoom, I hope that you will be feeling better soon. I just walked my GC’s House and Duncan and Rosie were both at the dining room window. So cute!!!!!

  • kim

    she is so wonderful, no activist, her fist slipped.

  • Enough already the babies already have plenty of power. Thank god they seldom have any real technical plans for taking over the world cause no one will oppose them.

  • redfraggle

    Awww.. baby power indeed – my heart is melting. I too am done with snow and cold. Down with snow! I’m looking forward to the season between snow pants and sunscreen…