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We're not quick, but we don't quit

Remember last spring when GC and I signed up for a quilting course and we each made a sampler quilt? Mine was black, white and red, and his was exquisite jewel tones on a black background? Well, we never quite finished either one of them.

And, since then, we’ve started and not finished quite a few others.

Here’s the complete list:

  • My sampler quilt
  • GC’s sampler quilt
  • Connie’s quilt
  • Sienna’s baby quilt
  • Daniel’s away-from-home-at-university quilt
  • the Mod Sampler quilt

 Sometimes it’s tempting to put aside a quilt and go fabric shopping, and then once you have new fabric, it’s tempting to look at quilt patterns, and then it’s tempting to start a new quilt. But the growing pile of unfinished projects has led to a certain degree of Quilting Guilt. (Perhaps paradoxically, the growing stash of unused fabric has also led to Quilting Guilt.)

Quilting involves a number of distinct steps: making the quilt top, making the backing, preparing the quilt sandwich, quilting the quilt, and binding the quilt. And each of those steps involves a number of steps. You might feel like you’re done once you’ve finished the quilt top, but really you’ve only just begun.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to announce that GC and I finished two quilts in the last week or so: my sampler quilt, and Sienna’s crib quilt. (Sienna is 3 and a half months old now – still in a crib.)

I really like them, too. I think I’ve finally outgrown the desire for everything I make to be perfect. Now I’m charmed by crooked stitches and wobbly seams.

My very first quilt – the sampler

Sienna’s crib quilt – the Yellow Brick Road pattern is very forgiving of errors.

Sienna’s crib quilt – GC and I made this one together.

Two finished quilts!


10 comments to We’re not quick, but we don’t quit

  • grace

    Sienna is a very lucky baby! The quilts are beautiful.

  • Jen G

    congrats! love the quilts :) what could be more charming than crooked stitches?

  • Julia

    Those are called UFOs in my sewing world. (Unfinished Objects) They are why I made up my only Rule of Sewing which is “No new projects until the one I am working on is finished.”

  • Merle

    They are both lovely, congrats. And I couldn’t see one crooked stitch!

  • Kathy

    These are beautiful. I have quilts that my step mom made for Avery and Willow an dthey are the most precious gifts!

  • Kathleen

    They both look amazing!!! I love the colors in them. Congratulations Zoom and GC.

  • Sheila

    Congratulations on working together and finishing the quilts! They’re both lovely. You have reminded me that I really ought to get going on finishing some of my unfinished quilts but I’m caught up in knitting mittens right now. Theoretically, I should be able to switch from one creative outlet to another but real life doesn’t seem to be working out that way. I am intimately acquainted with crafter’s guilt, you might say.

  • Wow, those are nice quilts! Lucky Sienna! But let’s talk about crafter’s guilt: it’s endemic among those of us blessed with the urge to make & do. We always believe we could be making MORE, if only we weren’t so easily distra Hey! A squirrel! …
    What were we discussing?

  • Both are beautiful. I have a quilt top I made a couple of years back – my plan is to finally turn it into a quilt on my holidays in a few weeks

  • Those are both wonderful! I hope you’ll get a picture of the baby wrapped up or laying on her quilt. And I hope you’ll share it with us.