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Nothing that a whack on the head can't fix

I’ve been crazy busy lately, at work and at home. The move is scheduled for February 1st, so I’ve been packing and decluttering and running stuff over to Value Village and throwing stuff out. (Remember that hair dye sample folder that I grabbed out of a hair stylist’s garbage five years ago and thought I’d make art out of it someday? Tomorrow is garbage day, and it’s on the curb.)

We’ve been meeting with real estate agents and contractors and movers and electricians and blind people (the sighted kind). GC has been learning how to install toilets and light fixtures and quarter round. We’ve been deciding on things like area rugs and light fixtures and blinds, and then second-guessing some of our decisions, and returning things.

Work has been insanely busy too, and will continue to be insanely busy until the end of March. The other day I found out that I will have to make a presentation at a conference in May, and I don’t even have time to panic about it even though I have a phobia of public speaking. I immediately scheduled myself for Toastmasters meetings on Thursdays at lunchtime so I can conquer my fear of public speaking by May.

Anyway, here’s something interesting. For about the last six weeks I’ve had a headache almost all the time. It’s a side effect of some medication I’ve been taking to prevent migraines. (The irony is not lost on me.) On Saturday night, GC and I decided to go out for dinner to celebrate six months of wedded bliss, using a gift certificate that a certain Dwarf and Woodland Creature gave us when we tied the proverbial knot. After enjoying a lovely dinner, we very carefully picked our way across the icy parking lot, and right in front of our car, I wiped out fast and hard. It was a two-part wipe-out. My legs flew up into the air, I landed flat on my back, and then my head smashed onto the ice.

I didn’t lose consciousness, but it was all very jarring. GC and several passers-by gathered around and urged me to stay put, and I didn’t feel like getting up anyway. Someone called an ambulance. (There were 40 calls for ambulances yesterday for people falling on ice.) I didn’t think I was hurt badly, just a little rattled, and after lying on a slab of ice for a few minutes I was shivering.

The paramedics arrived and sprinkled salt and sand and loaded me up and got me into the ambulance and once I was upright and warm I felt just fine, so I declined a ride to the hospital. At one point I noticed I was still clutching my fortune cookie fortune in my hand.

“What does it say?” asked the paramedic.

“When one door closes, another one opens,” I said.

“Hmmm,” she said. “It’d be better if it said ‘Watch your step.'”

I laughed.

You know what’s really cool? That headache that I’ve had most of the time for the past six weeks? I don’t have it today. I think that whack on the head cured me!

16 comments to Nothing that a whack on the head can’t fix

  • Eileen

    Even though you feel fine, after banging your head on icy ground, I think it would still be wise to go to the hospital for a check-up.

    • You were right….it turns out I have whiplash. Takes a day or so for the pain to snap back into the head and neck. I’m a little sore today. (I went for massage today.)

    • Yeah glad your okay. Three weeks ago I was walking down the stairs missed a step twisted my ankle, knocked my head on railing really. Today my ankle is somewhat better, I stand on it but still swollen and very tender. Also I see a white flash ever so often periodically during the day on a daily basis. Any recommendations?

  • Ouch! Glad you are okay. I took a sudden fall last year and slammed the side of my face on concrete, resulting in a purple eye. Nothing like a fall to make one feel OLD. At least, neither of us broke a hip. Re your migraines, another blogger I read found relief by following the advice in this book: The Ultra Mind Solution, by Mark Hyman. I doubt a whack on the head is one of his recommendations, though. Hope your move goes smoothly (so to speak!)

    • I’ll take a look at that book as soon as things settle down a bit. You can sort of see why so many old people die of complications related to falls. We’re just not as resilliant as those rubbery kids.

  • “Good for what ails ya”,not so much! Check your footwear, you may need some cleats. I’m glad you feel ok, but you could mention this episode to the physician that prescribed your migraine med. Stay safe!

  • Chris

    I can’t believe you’re going to do a presentation. At a conference! You’ve come a long way from refusing to read a blog post at a small gathering of fellow bloggers. Congratulations!! Maybe the smack upside the head cured you of public speaking phobia, too??

    • I have no choice in the matter…it’s my project and I have to do it. Unless you want to come with me Chris? You could be my public speaker again, just like old times! (It’s out east!)

  • Gillian V

    How to frighten a husband!

  • Deb

    Darn…I had it in my calendar to wish you and GC a Halfy Anniversary yesterday…but got totally wrapped up in cleaning my office and getting my taxes ready. Sorry I missed it…didn’t forget though

  • huh, you never know what will be the fix for what. glad the one headache’s gone at least.

    good luck packing.

  • I recently took a hard fall (face downwards) on a wet street and fell on top of my purse. I was sore and had some interesting bruises including one on my breast I couldn’t explain. Then I opened my purse and found my box of Altoids had been crushed in the fall. That explained the very deep bruise that took over a month to fade.
    18 year olds have no idea how good they have it.

  • sandra

    I slipped and fell on the ice in front of my 7 year old grandaughter. Now she holds my hand when we walk outside to prevent me falling again. “Hold my hand so you don’t fall” she said.