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Protest, politics, and should we steal the babies?

On Wednesday GC and I attended a demonstration outside the police station, to show our support for the democratic rights of freedom of assembly and free speech. Also: to show our concern about how Harper, McGuinty and the police mishandled the protest in Toronto.

Personally, I find it utterly contemptible that Toronto’s police chief lied […]

What really happened in Toronto?

As you know, I spent much of the weekend watching birds having sex. But that wasn’t all I did. I also spent a fair amount of time glued to my computer, monitoring the constant stream of Twitter updates from protesters and journalists at the G8/G20 protests in Toronto. Trying to make sense of it.

At […]

Do you think she suspected?

I just read in the Ottawa Citizen this morning that Mary-Elizabeth Harriman, wife of Colonel Russell Williams (who awaits trial on charges of sex killings, home invasions, sexual assaults and break and enters), has been ‘devastated’ by the charges against her husband.

“As a result of the charges, my previously anticipated future and financial security had […]

All the way to the top

It doesn’t surprise me that the Roman Catholic child sex abuse crimes and cover-ups go all the way up to the Pope. That seems to be how child sex abuse works in so many dysfunctional families, communities, and institutions. The entire community (or family, or institution) folds in on itself to cover and protect […]

Tough Justice: Is the Harper agenda a phony war on crime?

Last night CBC’s Sunday Edition hosted a community forum called “Tough Justice: Is the Harper agenda a phony war on crime?”

It drew a full house at the Gladstone Theatre. The first hour consisted of questions and answers posed by Michael Enright to the six panelists. The second hour was questions from the audience.

The panelists […]

Crime scene at the Experimental Farm

Wednesday we stumbled across porn at the Experimental Farm, and Thursday we stumbled upon a crime scene. It was tucked in amongst a few outbuildings over near Cow Lane. There were four marked police cars, three paramedic vehicles, one fire truck and a couple of unmarked vehicles.

Emergency personnel were swarming around a vehicle with […]

Hemorrhaging money from both ends

Last night GC and I went to Loblaws and gathered a bunch of ingredients for a Cob Salad. Then we unshopped, putting all those ingredients back where we found them, and drove over to Farm Boy instead, because we love Farm Boy. (Sometimes when we can’t think of anything to do, one of us will […]

More buried evidence

Last week commenter Kim Bosch laughed about the fact that I literally buried a lie when I was eight years old, which reminded me of other lies I buried that year. Eight, apparently, was the Year of Burying Incriminating Evidence. I puzzled over this while reminiscing. What deep psychological forces were at work that would […]

Akili Castlin

John A

Last night GC and I found ourselves at the Umi Cafe for a book launch and poetry reading. The author of the book, Akili Castlin, was not there, because he’s in Pelican Bay State Prison in California. He’s 37 years old. He’s been incarcerated since he was 23. He’s been in solitary […]

A funeral procession for a slain police officer

I attended Constable Eric Czapnik’s funeral procession today. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, since I’d never witnessed a cop’s funeral procession before. But it was a pretty impressive sight, and a remarkable display of solidarity.

Lately I haven’t known what to think of cops anymore. I’ve met some who don’t deserve my respect, and […]