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Introducing our newest family member

Look! We adopted a bunny! This is not just any old bunny either, this is the sweetest, mellowest, most inquisitive bunny EVER. He’s got the funniest little bunny bum and a twitchy little bunny nose and he’s incredibly soft and cuddly. I always wanted a bunny!

We don’t actually have him yet. We bought him and […]

My header’s in the clouds

As you might recall, there was a bit of a re-org here last week. Sheep #2 was fired, but he had it coming. Duncan was promoted but lost one of his ears on the Photoshop cutting floor. Duncan taught the other two sheep how to meow, albeit with Norwegian accents.* There was quite a […]

Where are you on the Christmas spectrum?

On a scale of 1 to 5, how much do you like Christmas? ( polls)

Step into the polling booth and tell us how you really feel about Christmas.


The love that dares not speak its name

I have a theory that everybody loves Neil Diamond but most people are afraid to admit it. Today at lunch my coworkers all denied their love for Neil vehemently, but I think it was just a classic case of the ladies doth protest too much.

Years ago I had a New Year’s Eve party and […]

Poll: Should Duncan get a lion cut?

Should Duncan get a lion cut? ( polls)