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Introducing our newest family member

BunnyLook! We adopted a bunny! This is not just any old bunny either, this is the sweetest, mellowest, most inquisitive bunny EVER. He’s got the funniest little bunny bum and a twitchy little bunny nose and he’s incredibly soft and cuddly. I always wanted a bunny!

We don’t actually have him yet. We bought him and all the bunny paraphernalia like a water bottle, a bunny hut, hay and bunny food. But he’s going to stay at Critter Jungle (our favourite pet store) until Friday. That’s because I’m leaving for Saskatoon today (I’m going to a conference) and also because we need to get a good rabbit cage and get it all set up before we bring him home.

He’s a little boy bunny, four months old, and he’s a Lionhead. As you can see from this picture – which doesn’t do him justice – he matches Duncan and Rosie.

What do you think we should name him?

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