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Ottawa sex workers report systemic discrimination by police

POWER (Prostitutes of Ottawa Work Education Resist) today released a fascinating report about the conditions, context and challenges faced by sex workers in Ottawa, with particular emphasis on their experiences with the Ottawa police. In light of the findings of this report, POWER has asked the Ontario Human Rights Commission to conduct a public […]

Sex-trade workers win one - for now

As soon as I heard that three prostitution-related laws had been struck down in Ontario Superior Court yesterday, I knew the federal Conservatives would appeal. Why? Because that’s what they do. They stick their indignant little noses into anything that offends their ideological non-sensibilities, whether it has anything to do with them or not. As […]

Sex Trade Workers and The Astronaut Love Triangle

Remember when I blogged about writing to my city councilor, Maria McRae, about the Carlington Prostitution Sweep, which resulted in two men and two women being charged with prostitution-related offenses, but only the women were publicly named? Well. Check this out. GC says I’m changing the world, one iota at a time.

Astronaut Love Triangle

Speaking […]