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Armchair hunting

Every now and then somebody thinks up a bizarre new way to make money on the Internet. Like armchair hunting.

Here’s how it works. You pay $1500 to the owners of Then you go to the website and, via a webcam, you view a feeding area of a game farm somewhere in the US. When an animal (wild pig, antelope, etc.) moves into your screen, you use your mouse to line him up in your cross-hairs and click to pull the trigger. Somewhere in the US, a gun fires and your prey drops dead. Someone scoops it up, mounts its head on a piece of wood, and ships to you so you can hang it on your rec room wall.

22 states have now banned internet armchair hunting. I can’t believe so many idiots were willing to fork over $1500 apiece for the privilege of pushing a mouse button that an actual law was required.

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