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Dave X Change Challenge: Fall Update

What can I say? Dave X continues to obliterate the competition. The year-to-date totals are: Dave X: $201.01 Zoom & Co.: $27.26. (Click here for the snazzy Dave X Change Challenge Flash Chart.)

Dave’s heading for a personal best: with almost two months left in the year, he’s only $6 short of his 2005 total. Go Dave!

As for the rest of us (since it’s Dave X against the rest of us), we’re left scratching our heads and hoping against hope that our luck will be concentrated towards the end of the year. The problem is that Dave X’s lucky days are so much luckier than our lucky days. On his most stellar day, Dave found a $50 bill and a $10 on the streets of Ottawa. On our most collectively stellar day, Laura found a $5 bill, Nancy found seven pennies and Coryse found a penny.

Dave X let us in on a little tip recently: every time he goes to a second-hand clothing store, he checks the pockets of at least five garments. He is often rewarded for these efforts with a five or ten dollar bill. I’ve offered to create a google map of the city with all the second-hand stores mapped out, so that each of my co-workers could “adopt” a store and frequent it daily to check five pockets. But whenever I broach the subject my co-workers look at me funny.

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