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Hot Woman and Pita Bread

Hot woman I’m so pleased I finally got a picture of this woman. I only regret that it happened in the summertime when she appears to be normal, which she’s not. She’s a lot hotter than she looks.

She dresses in this exact same outfit every day of the year.

It can be forty below zero with soul-shrivelling winds, and while the rest of us are wrapped in layers of down and still freezing our asses off, this woman will be strolling down Bank Street, pulling her cart, dressed in just her little blue sunsuit, with not a goosebump on her. No coat, no mitts, no hat, no boots. Just her little blue sunsuit. She is impervious to the cold.

Fire at the Middle East MakeryIn other news, there was a fire at the Middle East Bakery at Somerset and Percy Street! According to the sign, they will be “temperaly closed.”

I love this place. It makes the sidewalk smell good. Plus it’s fun to look in the window at the pita oven spitting out the fresh loaves onto the conveyer belt. They come out in big bubble shapes, and flatten as they cool.

Actually I haven’t stopped and looked in the window for awhile now, ever since the time the baker came outside and asked me on a date and I lied and said I was married. And I knew he knew I was lying, because I always look like I’m lying when I lie.

Pita oven after the fireThis is the pita oven, after the fire. It doesn’t look too badly damaged. Actually it looks pretty much the same as I remember it looking before the fire.

I hope the fire doesn’t affect the availability of pita bread in Ottawa, because I eat two pieces every day at lunchtime.

Shiraz and the pita breadSpeaking of the availability of pita bread, here’s a puzzling thing. You see that store called Shiraz, to the left of the pita bread bakery? See the blue rack in front of their front door? That’s their pita bread, which is delivered every morning from a bakery in Montreal. They have a pita bread factory right next door, yet for as long as I can remember they’ve been ordering their pita bread from Montreal.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation. Just like there’s a perfectly good explanation for how that woman can walk around in next to nothing in the dead of winter and not feel cold.

10 comments to Hot Woman and Pita Bread

  • Gilles

    Little blue sunsuit lady reminds me of Scott Street’s legendary bike-T-shirt-and-shorts-boy. He’s strangely plumpish (for someone who bikes all the time), he’s got an unruly shlock of curly blond hair, and for years he’s been riding his old clunker of a bike (presumably to work) – no helmet, no brains – in the summer sunshine and winter snowstorms in the same skungy shorts and T-shirt, day after day. Cold-blooded? Yes, and stupid to boot…

  • Good scoop on the bakery fire zoom. Everything in this post is hot!

  • Wonder why they keep the Montreal ties? The bakery there is owned by family perhaps.

  • Do you remember the bright blue shorts the hot woman used to wear?

  • Rita

    I have seen this women for years, actually I saw her just last week outside of Hartmans..I have always wondered about her.
    I have also been told just recently that Shiraz sells the best fresh Lamb & filet Mignon for a much cheaper rate than most stores.
    Maybe they don’t like thier neighbors with the Pita

  • My favourite part of this post is when the baker comes running out and invites you to go to the opera. He’s got a wooden hand. Only you’re engaged to his brother. But you go anyway!
    Oh no, that was Cher in Moonstruck. But it was almost like that!

  • Boo, the strange thing is she seems kind of normal in every other way. Not that I’ve ever talked to her or anything. Maybe that’ll be my next mission: talk to her and find out just how strange she is.

    Gilles, somehow I’ve managed never to see the Scott Street T-Shirt & Shorts Boy. Is he still around? Can you get a photo? (You could resurrect your blog with a photo and post about him!)

    Pearl, I’ve considered the possibility that there might be a Montreal family connection. But I’ve also considered a hundred other possibilities over the years. Like a long-standing family feud, or maybe the baker hit on the Shiraz man’s daughter or something.

    David, I absolutely remember her previous outfit. Little turquoise shorts and a matching sleeveless shell. I was shocked when she switched to the little blue sunsuit.

    Rita, Stuart bought a lot of his meat there, and he’s a pretty discerning carnivore. He too said it was of higher quality and lower price than other stores.

    Robin: yes, that’s exactly how it happened! Only he didn’t have a wooden hand and I wasn’t engaged to his brother and we didn’t go to the opera. Maybe that’s why their story was made into a movie and mine only got blogged. Sigh.

  • Malva

    I also second the meat recommendation from Shiraz, I used to live 2 minutes from that corner and bought meat there often. It’s good and cheap. I also still make a point of going to the bakery and stock my freezer with pita bread. I’m running low. :(

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