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I’m not normally this normal

The mysterious hematologist says I’m becoming more normal.

With the help of mega-supplementation, my iron and Vitamin B12 are creeping back up. Not only that, but my allergy to the cold (AKA Cold Agglutinin Disease and/or Cold Antibody Hemolytic Anemia) might be more of a theoretical problem than a real one, because my temperature would have to drop four full degrees before my body would start killing off my blood cells. He thinks it’s happening in the lab as my blood cools down, but is unlikely to happen in my body because I’ll probably never get cold enough to trigger the autoimmune response.

So the whole thing – this whole two-and-a-half-years of specialists’ appointments, blood tests, ultrasounds, EKGs, CT scans and bone marrow biopsies – might all have been over a routine blood test that only appeared to be abnormal. It’s possible I was perfectly normal all along and my blood was just pretending to be weird.

On The Other Hand, the mysterious hematologist wants to see me again in three months, because my newfound normalcy needs to be monitored to make sure it’s real.

Who knew blood could be so tricky?

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