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Recycled but timely content

July 10, 2006: 10 Ways to Get What You Deserve at an Outdoor Festival

2 comments to Recycled but timely content

  • I’m guessing you were the stranger/neighbour in #8 and #9

  • Bonnie

    ya…the cell phone thing. Just love it when you’re all jammed in together and someone trys to find a friend by calling them and jumping and waving so they can see each other.
    But at The Wailers Sunday night a cellphone incident did put a smile on my face. A man (40ish) beside me called his stepfather who was from Jamacia and held the phone up so he could listen to about three songs (he told me the company was paying for it). Every so often he would talk to his step-dad saying “can you believe it…The Wailers…all the way from Jamacia…good, good”
    It was sweet.