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Talking turkey and yarn

I’m just taking a break from wrapping presents, which is my least favourite of the Christmas chores. Every year I tell myself that next year I’ll wrap them as I buy them. But then I forget again.

Speaking of forgetting, I forgot where I put my son’s Christmas presents. I searched and searched and got a little panicky, but eventually I found them sitting out in plain sight. You know how things become invisible when they’re too visible? That’s what happened.

I just made the cranberry sauce. It’s my sister Deb’s recipe and it’s really good and easy. Bring one cup of water and one cup of sugar to a boil. Add a bag of washed cranberries. Return to the boil. Add the zest of a lemon and half a teaspoon each of cinnamon, ginger and ground cloves. Simmer for 10 minutes. Let cool. Put in a jar and refrigerate.

I’m doing as much of the Christmas dinner preparations ahead of time as possible. The turkey is one of those frozen stuffed Butterballs – you just take it out of the freezer and put it in the oven. No defrosting. No panicking because the damned turkey won’t stop being frozen. No running it under warm water for an hour at the last minute while worrying simultaneously that the sink is going to contaminate the turkey and the turkey is going to contaminate the sink. No trying to chisel the bag of gizzards out of the frozen cavity. (Though I do like to put the organs out in the back yard for the crows. It amazes me how quickly they find them, considering I only put food out for them two or three times a year. Ten minutes, tops.)

Here’s the menu: roast turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts with marjoram and pine nuts, roasted carrots and parsnips. My mother’s bringing dessert. My brother and his partner are coming too, and of course my son, and GC, who is making hors d’erves hors d’oevres hors d’ouevres hors d’ouervers appetizers.

I had a very good day yesterday, which included a lovely lunch with Woodsy and coffee with Max. Max and I talked about all kinds of interesting things, including drugs, addiction, harm reduction initiatives, the local drug users group, his love life, the Tamils, cops, those creepy pro-life protesters down at the Morgetaler Clinic, overdosing and blogging. He’s an intelligent young man and an interesting conversationalist, and the time flew by.

Top Cat yarn in blue topaz

Top Cat yarn in blue topaz

When I got home I discovered a package in my mailbox. It was my contest prize from Wandering Cat Studios! It included a skein of gorgeous Top Cat yarn in blue topaz, a bag of adorable sheep stitch markers and an original Sagittarius sock pattern. Absolutely wonderful. The Top Cat yarn is so succulent – it’s a blend of merino, cashmere and nylon and the colour is stunning. I am a very lucky knitter.

Here it is in my yarn basket:

Zoom's Yarn Basket

Zoom's Yarn Basket

Okay. Well, I guess the presents aren’t going to wrap themselves, so I better get back to it!

6 comments to Talking turkey and yarn

  • Kathleen

    Dinner sounds great Zoom. I hope you and all the family have a very Merry Christmas and my wish for you Zoom is nothing but better health in the New Year. I am sure that we will both have better times in the year ahead.

  • The blue topaz is Nature Girl’s favorite colour!

  • Mo

    The dinner menu menu sounds wonderful and your Topcat yarn is beautiful.

    I hope your holidays and 2010 are full of family and friends with happy and healthy moments for all.

  • Wrapping is my favourite part! In fact, most of my family send their packages to my place to be wrapped. I used to do them all up with fancy bows and ribbons, but now I have so much to wrap that usually doesn’t happen.

    Glad you like the prize! It’s really nice to look at but even nicer to knit with. The sock I’m working on now was dyed with the left over dye from yours, then I added some greens to it and called it Budgie! Naming the colourways is just as much fun as making them. Can’t wait to see what you knit with them!

  • grace

    Your yarn basket is amazing. I’ve been doing mindless, use-up-the-leftovers knitting for so long that diving into the box that was packed for moving a few months ago is going to be like going to heaven.

    I’m saving that treat for after Christmas, when I’m alone and the nights are long and cold. Because then they won’t be so long and cold at all!

    Thirteen for dinner here. Maybe fifteen, for my lovely new neighbour runs the meth clinic each and every day over this holiday season and can’t travel to family.

    Mmmmmm cranberry sauce. Off to make some.

  • You have crows this time of year? Ours left town several weeks ago, but for some reason the starlings did not. I gave up on wrapping presents several years ago, use gift bags and tissue instead. This year, instead of gift bags, I’m using tote bags, which become a gift of their own.