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Pet of the Month

Usually Duncan just walks around the house naked*, but this week he was invited over to the Elgin Street Irregulars’ blog for a special guest appearance on their Tank Top Tuesday series.

Knowing that talent scouts are closely monitoring the ESI blog for the next hot thing, GC and I helped Duncan out as best we could, lending him clothes and holding him down and taking glamour shots with sexy lighting and cheesecloth over the lens and so on. We even considered shaving him, but we know how the ESIs feel about that sort of thing.

Anywho, Duncan had mixed feelings about wearing clothes until he saw himself on the ESI blog today. Now he’s digging through my drawers and strutting in front of the mirror and figuring out how to use the self-timer on the camera. He just asked me if there’s a Canadian Blog Award for sex kittens.

*In case you were wondering, XUP has some thoughts about walking around the house naked. (Also in case you were wondering, there are only five days remaining in the Blogging About XUP series.)


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