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This. And that.

1. Nanowrimo is sucking all the words right out of me, and the blog is paying the price. I’m up to 31,000 words now. The novel is atrocious.

2. I walked to Wellington Street to have lunch with my friend Richard yesterday, AND! For the first time in about eight or nine months, I logged 10,000 steps on my pedometer. There were many, many days this year when I logged fewer than 200 steps because of my back. Hitting 10,000 is a milestone.

3. In 2002 I read a book called Waiting for My Cats to Die: A morbid memoir. It was brilliant and funny. It was by Stacy Horn, a single 42-year-old woman in New York City with two diabetic cats and a mid-life crisis. She loved her cats like crazy but she used them as an excuse for staying stuck in a rut. She had all kinds of big life plans for after her cats died. I just checked out her blog and it looks like maybe her two cats died and she got three more.

4. GC and I met up with Felonius Bunk and his girlfriend K last night for a joint Nanowrimo writing session. Felonius’s novel has a phenomenal table of contents.

5. I wonder why Aggie hasn’t been blogging lately. I miss reading Aggie’s blog.

6. If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s pretty trippy: Worldometers. It’s only 8:38 in the morning, and already there have been more than five billion cigarettes smoked in the world today.

7. That’s all for today.

3 comments to This. And that.

  • Julia

    I won’t even start to talk about my NaNo book but I did finished editing “That Boob Thing” and it is pretty darned good! Now I have a stupid cold my sister gave me and I am cranky about that. But what I’m really commenting about is Stacy Horn’s blog. What a coincidence! I ran across her about 2 years ago when I made a comment on “Daily Coyote” and she commented on my comment, so I started reading her blog. Small world. I have never met her but I think you are right that she did get more cats. An erstwhile blogger who I have met recently got two tuxedo cats who are the most photogenic creatures ever. But I think her Flickr page is private so I can’t share. We should get Xup to post more pix of her tuxedo cat – he is good looking too!

    You know, if I just gathered up all the words I have written in emails and blog comments, I am sure I would be up to date on the NaNo word count.

  • Thanks for missing my blog, Zoom. I’m meeting my Writer’s Block Support Group on Friday, so perhaps I could blog that…

  • Julia, at least you got that Snowflake Method 15-word synopsis sentence done!

    Aggie, I would love it if you were to blog about your Writer’s Block Support Group.