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Miscellaneous updates

The Sock

I tried. Really I did. And then I put it away, at least for awhile. I’m going to try again after Christmas. When things settle down. When I settle down.


I knit a baby hat for Chelsea from some silky Lion & Lamb I had in my stash. It was a very soothing knitting experience.

The Canadian Blog Awards

For a couple of days there I wasn’t sure whether Knitnut had come in third in Best Personal Blog or was in a three-way tie for first. The voting system was that complicated. It reported twelve ’rounds’ of vote tallying, and after each round votes were reassigned from losers to non-losers and there were ‘equalizations.’ Whatever that means. The final results showed Knitnut in a three-way tie for first, even though it got eight fewer votes than one blog, and five fewer than the other.

Following several days of radio silence from the organizers, during which we could see the results but not understand them, a list was posted. Knitnut was third in Personal, and Bank Street Bully was fourth in the Best Blog Post category. (Thank you kindly to all of you who voted for me. I appreciate it very much.)

Other local results

Robin Kelsey’s Watawa Life took second in Best Photo/Art blog, but will always be first in my books. Milan’s A Sibilant Intake of Breath came in third in Best Science/Tech blog. Apt. 613 was second and Mindful Merchant fourth in Best New Blog. Postcards from the Mothership was second in Best Family Blog. Congratulations to all. (I hope I didn’t miss anybody…if I did, please let me know.)


GC keeps buying Christmas presents for the pets but giving them to them early. So now we’re keeping all the pets’ presents at my house. We’ve got a big meat-stuffed bone for Logan, some catnip mousies and other toys for Duncan, and some special seed bars for Billy and Lester.

I love my Christmas tree. It’s a modest little Charlie Brown affair. It’s wobbly and tilted and it has wayward branches sticking out at odd angles. Some years I like a big, symmetrical tree, but this little guy feels like the right tree for this year.

9 comments to Miscellaneous updates

  • grace

    Everything about the tree is perfect for this year. And lucky little baby!

    GC has it right, the animals were an important part of the very first Christmas after all.

  • Oh i totally believe in giving pets presents. But GC keeps giving them to them the same day he buys them!

  • Now that it’s stretching into a multi-day saga, I officially am no longer comfortable making light of your, ummm, socksual situation…

    But does that stop me….? Apparently not.

  • kimmie

    I LOVE the tree.

  • Chris

    Try dental floss to save the sock: pick a row where you know all is well, and thread it through all the stitches in that row (like putting a life-line when you’re knitting lace). Then rip back to the floss (be really gentle the last row before the floss). You’ll be able to pick up your stitches and will not have to take out the whole sock. I had to do that with kilt hose and there was no I was going to rip out an entire men’s knee sock with complex cabling and shaping because I dropped some stitches. Do this somewhere with lots of light and lots of time.

  • Nat

    Love the tree… but I think it needs a blanket.

  • Carmen

    Mmm, I really like your tree! As for the sock, yep, let it rest, try again and if it doesn’t pan out, email me. We can meet for coffee and I’ll show you how to get out of the weeds (I hope…).

  • I just finished my pet present shopping. Each of my ‘kids’ will have a present under the tree, and so will my Mom’s cats and dog.
    I love the baby hat, the stripes are so cute and colourful